Tips to Protect Your Dog from the Cold

dog in sweater

Although we are nearing spring, safety from the cold is still a priority for us as human beings as well as our pets.

In order to safeguard against any potentially hazardous situations, coming up with cold weather solutions in advance is a must.

Here a few things The Barking Lot found that could help keep your pet safe and in optimal condition when the thermometer is low.

Keep Him or Her Warm

During the late winter, many dogs begin the process of shedding extra layers of fur from their coats. While there are breeds that are born to handle the cold weather better than others, if left outside too long, even the most well-equipped pooch can suffer from frostbite or hypothermia.

Limiting the time you spend outdoors on walks and – depending on your dog’s needs – bundling himup in a sweater/coat and boots are great ways to protect your pet from the outside elements.

Keep Your Dog’s Paws Free of Salt

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of snow, you’re probably used to using chemicals like salt and deicer to help you move about safely. Unfortunately, some of the agents in these products are not only harmful to grass or concrete, but to your pet, as well. While it’s inevitable that your dog might lick his paws to remove the salt that’s trapped there, the chemicals could upset your dog’s nervous system.

The best way to keep this from happening is to buy a pair of boots to be worn outside. If he doesn’t have anything protecting his feet, give your pet’s paws a thorough wipe-down when he comes inside.

Make Sure He or She Gets Enough Exercise

As challenging as it might be to go outside on a cold, snowy day, it’s important to make sure your pet gets adequate exercise during the winter months. Proper physical activity and stimulation are vital to your dog’s health year-round. If cold temperatures and stubborn elements prevent you from going outdoors, consider dog training or obedience classes to keep your pooch physically and mentally and active.

Maintain the Condition of Your Pet’s Skin

Much like us, dogs’ skin has the tendency to get dry and flaky. This happens even more so in the winter. In order to improve the condition of your pet’s skin, try using a humidifier to replace the moisture in the air and give him plenty of water to keep him hydrated.

Lastly, you should be bathing your dog less frequently when it’s cold out, while keeping his coat brushed to help stimulate circulation. Dog grooming, whether personal or professional can help keep your pet’s fur in tip top condition.


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