Safely Celebrate St. Patricks Day with Your Dog

Although St. Patricks Day is over, there are still things to consider for future holidays and next year’s celebrations! The Barking Lot has came up with ways you can celebrate St. Patricks day and other holidays with your pup.



The magic of shamrocks, Leprechauns, and rainbows fill the air on Saint Patrick’s Day.

And people everywhere from Indianapolis to Ireland will be celebrating sans food and festivities during one of the most popular holidays of the year.

Of course with great fun, comes great responsibility – especially when it comes to your pets.

And while they may want to be a part of the merriment, there are a few things The Barking Lot suggests keeping in mind to ensure optimum pet safety this season.

Keep Food Away From Pets  

What St. Patrick’s Day holiday isn’t complete without corned beef, cabbage and all of the fixings?

When family and friends are enjoying the feast, be sure to keep all table foods and scraps out of your dog’s reach.

Pancreatitis is a potentially fatal disease caused by fatty foods and can result in tissue damage, bleeding, swelling and inflammation. And in order to keep the good times rolling, leave your guests to devour the St. Paddy’s Day spread, not your pet.

Monitor Child’s Play In Your Dog’s Presence

Many children love pets. To them, it’s like having another playmate. They like to talk to, pet and interact with animals.

But if your pet is not used to children being around or if he’s around children he doesn’t know, unwelcome interactions could make the festivities, well…not so festive.

By only allowing supervised time spent between children and pets during the holiday or keeping your dog in a room separate from your guests, you maintain a fun, safe environment for everyone involved.

Keep Alcohol Away From Your Pet

This is also the time of year when spirits flow freely.  After all, alcohol is a part of a celebratory tradition in Ireland.

And that’s where tradition and pets don’t mix. It’s never a good idea to give dogs any kind of alcohol in any amount on any occasion.

Beer, wine, whiskey and the like can be toxic to dogs. If you want your pet to participate in the fun, some companies make beer especially designed for your pooch’s consumption.

Dog beer or Bowser Beer is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated alternative to the real thing.

If You Must Go Green, Use Doggy Dye

Green is the color of the day and if you’re like most people, you’ll be in full celebration mode donning St. Patrick’s Day garb, complete with kilt, beard, buckle shoes and top hat.

There’s nothing wrong with dressing your pet up for the party as well. Just be careful to avoid coloring your dog’s fur with anything other than non-toxic, all-natural vegetable dye.

Test out any dye you use before fully applying it to their coat and check with a professional for approved dog grooming and pet supplies.


If you feel like the celebrations may be too much for your fur-friend, The Barking Lot is a great vacation for your dog while you’re away!  Check out our dog boarding options today!


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