National Pet Day is April 11th

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Many people don’t realize that in the U.S. over 6 million lost, abandoned or unwanted animals are confined to animal shelters every year.

The amazing thing about humans is that there’s a place in our hearts for many animals that need forever homes. So we chose to adopt. But because there are more shelter animals than there are people who can adopt them, nearly 2 to 3 million cats and dogs are euthanized annually.

Much of the growth in the number of animals without homes, is due to the increased birth rate among cats and dogs. Because so many people fail to have their pets neutered or spayed, they reproduce and create more pets than their owners can care for. Unwanted kittens and puppies are then taken to shelters.

And unfortunately, the conditions at many shelters also make housing animals at these facilities a less than humane option. Many times dogs and cats are caged for weeks, months and even years in ‘no kill’ facilities. Here, many of them suffer from loneliness and confinement.

Because nearly 16,000 pets die in shelters each year, according to National Awareness Days’ website, in 2006, Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige, started National Pet Day. This was a way to not only honor our pets and the love that they bring to our lives, but also raise awareness about the cruelty many animals face in shelters while waiting for forever homes.

Many people celebrate National Pet Day by spending extra time with their animals, taking them on a long walk or offering yummy new treats. This year, The Barking Lot wanted to add to your list of ideas in order to make this day even more special for your furry, four-legged friend.

Volunteer at your local pet shelter – any day is a great to volunteer at a shelter. And there are plenty of things to do like dog walking, assisting with fundraising, and helping feed pets.

Give a new or used item – donating new or gently used blankets, toys or pet supplies is a great way to meet the needs of a shelter pet and to let them know you care. While they may not be able to tell you, they’ll be wagging their tails in gratitude that you did.

Organize a National Pet Day party – invite some of your cat or dog’s closest furry friends over. Serve treats and let your pet and his companions run and play. It’s sure to be a doggone, cat-tastic good time!

Adopt a pet – probably one of the greatest presents you can give on National Pet Day is the gift of a forever home.

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