Make Life As a Pet Parent Stress Free

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Pets are a lot like kids – they need tons of love, care and attention.

Most pet parents have a busy schedule juggling everything from a full-time job, arranging pick up and drop off times, meal prep, attending little league baseball, football, soccer games and more.

But you cherish your pet. And with all of the things vying for your time, you still look for opportunities to care for your dog. That requires a lot, and some days, might even be a little stressful.

Thankfully, The Barking Lot has come up with a few tips to help you avoid the stress associated with potty training and dog walking so that you can spend more time creating positive experiences and bonding with your pet.

Walking the dog is not an optional part of being a pet parent. They need exercise. But with so many things to do, it’s not always convenient to take them on long walks around the neighborhood or for strolls through the park.

Try to carve time out of your schedule in the early morning or evening to go on a 10 -15 minute walk. Give your dog a treat after they use the bathroom to signal the end of your time outside. If finding time to walk your pet is a constant challenge, consider hiring a professional dog walker.  This way, your pet gets quality time outdoors and the exercise that they need.

Training a new puppy to not potty in the house can also be stressful – leading to a lot of unhappy moments among family members. But experts say the sooner your dog knows the house rules, the better off everyone will be in the long run. Take your pooch out about every 30 minutes to eliminate. Have a designated dog area for your pet, like a small room or a crate in case he has an accident.

Find pet friendly parks, restaurants and hotels when you’re out-and-about or traveling. Not having to ask a neighbor to watch the dog or leash your pet up outside Joe’s diner will help you both enjoy the festivities because they’ve already been planned out.

Regular visits to the vet is preventative care for your dog. Waiting too long to get professional dog grooming can cause serious injuries or affect his health. While monthly visits may seem costly out-of-pocket, consider the charges you’d incur in an emergency situation.

Lastly, follow these tips in order to make owning a pet the joyful experience it should be.


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