Keeping Your Pet Safe While Driving

Dog Car Safety

Summer has arrived and for many pet parents that mean trips to the park, vacations with the family, and frolicking, fun times in the sun with your dog. Summertime getaways are perfect for creating special bonds and lasting memories with the ones you love. In those moments, ensuring the safety and well-being of your family makes these times that much more enjoyable.

That’s why it’s important for pet lovers to constantly stay aware of the possible hazards that pets face when out on the road. Here are a few tips The Barking Lot picked up in order to help facilitate pet safety.

Studies show that 60 percent of households that own a pet reported that their pets ride around in the car with them at least once a month.   It’s also been shown that out of the 83 percent of people who have dogs, 16 percent keep their dogs restrained.

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Dog Buckled Up

Pets have the tendency to move about inside the car not realizing the dangers in doing so. In a fit of excitement, they might jump on the driver’s lap obstructing their view, get their paws lodged under the brake or gas pedal or be thrown about the vehicle in the event of an accident.

According to American Automobile Association (AAA) after slamming on the brakes at only 30 miles per hour, a 50-pound dog could be thrown forward with the same force of nine men.

Dogs who are allowed to move around freely in the car could also jump from the window possibly injuring itself and others or worse.

There are laws in various states that say by not transporting a pet correctly you could be fined as much as $1,000. Other states say it’s illegal to leave a pet in the car unattended, while in most states if a pet in your car is the cause of an accident, it could be considered distracted driving.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Travel

Transporting your dog in safety-certified crash tested crate is one of the best ways to protect him while on the road.

Many places that sell dog supplies usually offer special pet seat belts that are adjustable, comfortable and easy-to-use. A variety of colors and designs also make them stylish and functional.

One thing that pet parents may want to remember is locking the car windows.  Jumping around in the backseat of a car with power windows, your pet could accidentally roll them up or down. This presents a serious hazard, as he could either jump out of the moving vehicle or close the window on his neck choking himself.

Lastly, it’s never ok to leave your dog alone in the car. According to the ASPCA, on an 80-degree day, the inside of a vehicle can heat up to 100 degrees in about 10 minutes.  This may go without saying, but even if you’re in the car with your animal, your pet can suffer the same effects in a under-ventilated car.

If taking your dog on a long road trip isn’t an option, summer dog boarding options are always available at The Barking Lot!


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