Make Your Summer Parties Dog Friendly

Dog At Family Party

Summer is in full swing and so are the backyard BBQs, family reunions, outdoor picnics and pool parties and as a part of your family, your pet is probably reaping all of the delicious benefits of the seasonal festivities. Because things like hot grilles, fireworks and unattended bodies of water can pose a threat to the safety of your pet, it’s important to take the proper precautions to ensure everyone’s enjoyment before the summer fun begins.

If you’re not sure what things you should be aware of, The Barking Lot put together a list of things to consider below:

Does Your Dog Have the Demeanor to Indulge?

If you notice that Fido is aggressive toward other dogs, likes to jump up on everyone that walks through the door or isn’t welcoming of your guests, you may want to think about how he’d react to you adding more people to your space. Designating an area for your dog to hang out until your guests leave, might be the best option in this case.

Decorate With Your Dog In Mind

Your pet is likely to make quick work of any paper products or decorations left within his reach.  Pinatas, party favors, streamers, balloons and any kind of wiring should be inaccessible to pets for safety reasons as well.

The Low Down on the Chow Down

We’re all tempted to want to share a few tasty party tidbits with our dogs. After all, he seems to be having such a great time with all of the guests, but experts say that a number of foods served at parties can be toxic to your dog. Table foods rich in fats, sugars, and carbohydrates like sausage, poultry skin, pasta, and pastries can lead to health issues such as obesity, diabetes, kidney problems, gastrointestinal upset, and diarrhea. Giving your pet moderate amounts of people food is ok. But at events where there are friends and family who may not understand your pet’s dietary needs, eating the wrong thing could pose a health threat.

How to Handle a Begging Pet

What dog would turn down anything that didn’t come from a can? Once he gets used to eating table scraps here and there, dog food suddenly just doesn’t seem as appealing.  So the begging begins. Unsuspecting guests look at those big, puppy dog eyes and can’t resist sharing what’s on their plate.  And by the end of the party, your pet has just consumed an entire meal.

You can prevent your dog’s begging by doing one of two things: setting up a safe place for him to stay until the event is over or buying doggy treats that your pooch will enjoy almost as much as the food he gets from the table. Find delicious pet-friendly snacks anywhere they have dog supplies on sale.

De-Energize Your Dog

Don’t forget to take your dog for a nice long walk before all the fun begins. This way you get a lot of the pinned up energy out before your guests arrive, avoiding any unnecessary party shenanigans.

If you don’t have time prior to your event to take your pet out, places like The Barking Lot offer professional dog walking services to help.





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