The First Month With Your Adopted Pup

Adopting a new dog is a beneficial and rewarding experience for the entire family.  But making the transition from shelter to forever home can sometimes be a bit daunting for both human and pooch.

For your dog, getting used to unfamiliar surroundings and warming up to new people takes time, just like going from a non-pet environment to a pet-friendly one does for you. Therefore, here are a few tips The Barking Lot found to help make the process a little smoother when bringing home your adopted pup.

Determine Your Dog Training Method

With the countless ways of training your pet, it’s important to decide which ones you and your family are going to implement before you bring your pooch home. This way, everyone’s one the same page. Some of the most popular methods include crate training, paper training, clicker training and positive reinforcement. Choosing a method will depend on your personal style, the time you have to devote to training and the type of dog you have.

Benefits of crate training include a familiar place for your pet to be when you’re not home, a safe way to transport your dog in the car and a good place to limit chewing and other behaviors to. 

If you plan to crate train, have everything established before Fido gets home – the area of the house where you’ll be doing the training and the crate itself should already be in place. Keep in mind, the crate should be big enough for your pet to stand, turn and lie down in. Offer treats as a reward. Don’t forget, any exercise should be limited to outside.

Purchase Pet Supplies Ahead of Time

Pick up the basics for your dog prior to him settling in. Some of the these might include a collar, ID tag, leash, water bowl and dog food.

Incorporate Previous Feeding Schedule

If your dog was on a feeding schedule before you brought him home, it might be a good idea to maintain the same routine for a little while to help avoid gastric issues and ease the transition. Try sticking to it for about a week and then slowly change his food little by little over time. Remember to stay consistent once your dog gets acclimated to the new schedule so he knows what to expect.

Schedule A Vet to the Visit

Has you dog been vaccinated? If not, that should be one of the first priorities when adopting a pet. Viruses and diseases are common among shelter animals and many dogs are not up to date on their vaccinations. Some shelters will even require you to have your pooch spayed or neutered.

Help your new pup get acclimated by following these simple tips! 


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