Questions to Ask Before Boarding Your Dog

Dog Boarding Trip

Tis the season once again and holiday travel has become as customary to U.S. tradition as apple pie. And with pooch parents and their families away visiting loved ones, long trips whether by car or by plane may not be a reality for every pet.

But how do you sift through the endless numbers of dog boarding facilities that seem to come up in your search for the perfect one?

Not every doggy daycare will be able to meet the needs of every pet, so those of us here at The Barking Lot Deerfield came up with a few tips to help you narrow down your choices in order to find the best fit for you.

Can I Take a Tour?

Most facilities will gladly accommodate any requests to show you and your pet around before his stay. This gives you the opportunity to meet the staff, ask questions and check out the environment ahead of time before deciding if it’s the place for you. It’s only when a business doesn’t allow visits that you should be concerned.

How Well is the Kennel Maintained?

Let’s face it, things can sometimes get a little messy when pets are involved. But when you find a place that makes the effort to keep its facility clean, it’s a good indication that they’re probably just as dedicated to the upkeep of their pets as well.

What Will My Dog’s Schedule Be Like?

Every facility is different. Many kennels will provide things like individual walks, supervised playtime, mealtime, potty breaks, and even additional services like grooming and massage. In some cases, a doggy daycare will sell Deerfield dog supplies, eliminating the need on your part to supply treats and toys.  Talk to the staff to see what amenities they offer in order to determine the best package for your dog.

Will My Dog Interact With Other Dogs?

This may depend on your dog’s own personality. Is he shy, preferring to keep to himself or is he more of the friendly, outgoing type?  Some kennels schedule in playtime with other dogs in a controlled social environment. Let the staff know what you prefer and how to best accommodate your pet.

Does Your Kennel Offer Webcam Access?

Many pet parents want to check in and see how their dog is doing while they’re away. Live webcam access lets you connect with your dog while offering that extra bit of reassurance that he’s receiving optimal care.




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