5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Warm When the Temperature Drops

Keep Your Dog Warm

Cold weather. It’s like you feel can feel it all through your bones. While it may be easy to simply put on a few layers of winter clothing to stay warm, your dog doesn’t have that same luxury.

Sure. Some breeds are made to thrive in colder climates, like an American Eskimo Dog or an Akita, while others are more affected by the drop in temperature. Cold weather can also present a challenge for older pets with arthritis or other health issues.

So when Jack Frost starts nipping at our noses, how can you keep your four-legged friend warm and cozy in the coming winter months? The Barking Lot includes some tips below.

Avoid Cutting Your Pet’s Hair Too Low

You love to keep your dog well-groomed – and you should. It’s recommended that a dog’s hair is cut in the spring and summer to provide him with a layer of protection from the cold. Consider maintaining your pet’s coat in the winter by keeping it combed and brushed – especially around the legs and feet – to avoid matting.   Dogs with longer hair may require trimming and more frequent maintenance than short-haired dogs, to stay clean and free of tangles.

Do Trim Your Pet’s Paw Pads

An area of maintenance that many pet parents tend to forget is the padding around their pet’s paws. Not only do paw pads help offer an extra cushion for your dog’s feet, but they also provide shock protection for the joints and bones. During the winter, they can help insulate from the cold. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for cuts, cracks, and debris that might get stuck in between the foot pads, as well as ice and snow.

When caring for your pet’s pads, use tweezers to remove any foreign objects and apply a good moisturizer designed especially for paw pads.

Find a Warm Pair of Boots

Although it might feel a little strange to your pet, a pair of warm dog boots helps him regulate his temperature through his feet. They also keep salt from getting lodged between his toes.

Get Your Pet a Sweater or Coat

Depending on the weather conditions, your pet may need a little extra protection. Sweaters are great to wear around the house or when it’s not as cold. On snowy days, a coat with a waterproof nylon covering is more effective when venturing outdoors.

Go For Shorter Walks

Try going out for shorter walks in the winter. Your pet will still get the exercise he needs and avoid frost nip in the process. Even if the weather conditions won’t allow you to take your dog for a walk, it’s important that he gets routine exercise. If you find that you don’t have the time to take your dog out, check out The Barking Lot for professional dog walking and dog boarding services near you.


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