Adopting A Dog During the Holidays

Adopt a Dog This Holiday

So you’re thinking how wonderful it would be to adopt during the holiday. The nostalgia of the season can easily bring back memories of a childhood pet and shelters seem to overflowing with dogs ready and waiting to become your best friend.

If you are considering adopting this Christmas, kudos to you for wanting to give a well-deserving pet a forever home. Before making your decision, here are a few tips from The Barking Lot to help you create the right dynamic for you, your family and your future pet, right from the start.

Are You Ready to Adopt?

Many people give a child or loved one a pet as a gift for the holiday. But what they may not know is how ready the person is to actually care for the pup. Once the excitement of having a new puppy dies down, the reality of what it means to have a pet sets in. And if the family is not ready, in some cases, it means that he could end up back in a shelter.

Budget and Plan Before Bringing Home a Pet

Experts say it’s best to avoid making an impulse purchase by planning before you adopt.  Create a budget. Then decide which breed would be the best choice for your family. Do you want a puppy or an older dog? Some pets require more maintenance than others. Are you ready to take on this new responsibility?

Give them A Gift Certificate

There’s nothing like the excitement of waking up to an adorable little puppy under the Christmas tree. In the spirit of ensuring that adoption is the best choice, some experts suggest offering your loved one a gift certificate to a shelter for a pet. This way, they have time to decide if and when caring for a pet is the right for them.

Get Everyone Involved

If you do decide to adopt during the holidays, make sure everyone is part of the process. Go to the shelter as a family and allow each member to be involved in choosing a pet. When you find the perfect fit, take the dog to a park or somewhere other than your home where you can observe how everyone interacts with him. This will help you get a better idea of how your family will get along with your new pet.

Spend Quality Time With Your Dog

With the busyness of the season, it’s important to spend quality time alone with your pet when he comes home. This way he doesn’t feel completely overwhelmed by everything going on. It also helps create a safer and more secure environment for him to thrive in.

If you find that you can’t be present as much as you’d like, consider professional dog boarding options. They can offer your pet a loving, caring environment while he’s away from home.



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