How Can You Recognize When Your Dog is Bored?

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Dogs are social creatures. They’re loyal, trusting and faithful.

And when you leave, even though your pet might be happily waiting in the very same spot where you left him, that doesn’t mean he’s not bored when he’s alone.

Because they’re also very smart, most dogs need some form of mental or physical stimulation to keep them preoccupied during the day, such as dog daycare where your dog can enjoy play time with other pups.

A long time ago, certain breeds of dogs were given specific jobs to do. Russell Terriers, Italian Greyhounds and Dachshunds were bred to hunt. Brussels Griffon, Pomeranian, Miniature Pinscher were trained to keep watch, while Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies and Eskimo Dogs were taught to pull sleds. Even pets that have been domesticated, possess a natural inclination to work for a living.

Unfortunately, left to his own devices, your pet’s basic instincts could manifest in less than productive ways.

Digging, barking, chewing and scratching are just a few of the behaviors you might see when your dog is bored. Other signs of boredom The Barking Lot found include:

  • Chasing
  • Restless behavior
  • Pawing at people for attention
  • Ripping up trash
  • Jumping
  • Removing things from countertops
  • Digging holes in the yard

Once you realize that your pet would actually prefer to earn his keep rather than gnaw on a couple of breath bones all day, there are ways you can ensure that he’s receiving the stimulation that needs.

Routine Walks

Walking your dog doesn’t just provide him with the proper exercise that his body needs, it also gives him the chance to practice socialization. Unfortunately, busy schedules prevent many owners from being able to use this time to train their pets.

Be sure your dog gets out frequently. Let him meet others dogs, see different people, listen to unfamiliar sounds. This helps him build confidence in himself, while teaching him to trust others.

Teach Your Pet Some New Tricks

In the process of training your dog, basic instructions like sit, stay and fetch are a great place to start. Once your pet has mastered those commands, try focusing on some agility exercises by placing a few blocks on top of each other for him to jump over. Use an old coffee table as a pause table. Tie an old bike tire to a tree, for a tire jump.

One thing’s for sure. When your pet is getting the kind of workout he needs, he won’t have the energy the time or energy to be bored.

Dog Boarding Near Chicago

Most pet parents work a 9 to 5 job and come home to a number of other responsibilities. That doesn’t leave much time for dog walking or any other exercise. If that’s the case, professional dog boarding may be your next best option. Many places offer services like walking, nap time, playtime and more.

Trained staff provide your pet with personalized doggy care and the kind of one-on-one time he needs in order to be healthy, happy and most of all, content.


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