Health Tips for Your Pup to Live Longer

We love our pets, so why wouldn’t we want our four-legged friends to live the best years of their lives? But what if there were a way to help them live a fuller, happier life?

You can. And The Barking Lot has a few tips to below to help you do it.

Feel Your Pet Out

And by feeling him out, we mean that in a literal way. Each week you should get in the habit of running your hands through your pet’s hair – from head to tail. Look for anything out of the ordinary – lumps, discharge and pale gums. These things could be warning signs of infections, anemia or cancer. A regular work up could help detect any abnormal health conditions before they become problematic down the line.

Watch your Dog’s Diet

Not just any old pet food will do for your pooch. Just like us humans wouldn’t eat meat byproducts, it’s not a good idea to feed them to your pet. Be sure he’s getting high quality dog food. It’s also important to do a little digging when it comes to the ingredients listed on the package.

Inside,, the right brand of food is will help strengthen your dog’s immune system, increase mental acuity, maintain intestinal health and keep muscles and joints in tip top shape. Outside, the proper dog food will help keep your pet’s coat shiny, his skin healthy and his eyes bright and in optimal condition.

Exercise Your Pet’s Mind

Often times we focus solely on our pet’s physical health, while forgetting to exercise their mental health in the process. Dogs require cognitive stimulation to stay happy. And not just for happiness’ sake. Some pets may develop behavioral problems, become lethargic or even depressed when bored. Healthwise, your dog could even experience a weakened immune system brought on by stress from not staying active.

Some “mind games” experts recommend actually involve your dog’s nose. Activities like playing hide-and-seek with treats, building an obstacle course out of boxes or containers or putting dog kibble in a plastic water bottle, force your pet to problem solve, while building their confidence at the same time.
Professional dog boarding offers tons of options to keep your dog active and mentally fit.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

According to experts, periodontal disease is the number one most common condition in cats and dogs. Left untreated, the bacteria in your pet’s mouth can lead to gingivitis. Gingivitis is an early stage of periodontal disease – which eventually leads to tissue destruction and bone loss.

Fortunately, dental disease is totally preventable. An effective daily brushing routine includes a specially-designed pet toothbrush and toothpaste. Be sure to brush thoroughly and gently. Encourage your dog’s participation by rewarding him with a healthy canine treat.



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