Spring Time Pet Care Tips

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A dog smelling a chamomile flower.

Every year about this time, the days get longer, flowers start to bloom, and the weather gets a little bit warmer.

Spring is in the air, which means pets of all kinds are able to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the season.

But before you let the dogs out, be sure to follow these 5 pet safety tips from The Barking Lot to ensure that you and your four-legged friend enjoy a smooth transition from winter to spring.

Seasonal Allergies

One of the most common problems for pets this time of year is allergies. When exposed to certain allergens, some dogs will experience runny eyes, scratching, sneezing, flaky, red skin and itchy back and ears. Because these symptoms, in some cases, could be life threatening to some pups, it’s important that you contact your vet if you notice any of these developing in your dog.

Growing Your Garden the Right Way

If you plan on gardening this spring, try to keep your pet away from any chemicals or agents you might be treating your lawn with. It’s no secret, dogs love to eat grass. And things like herbicides, pesticides and insecticides can be poisonous to them when ingested.

Keep An Eye on Your Pet Around Plants

There’s nothing more appealing than colorful, fresh smelling flowers in bloom. Keep in mind, there are various types of plants that can be harmful to pets. A few of the more common ones include Aloe plants, Amaryllis, Chrysanthemums and Begonias.

According to the ASPCA, when eaten, these plants or flowers could cause vomiting, gastrointestinal upset or worse. Call your vet or poison control center if you suspect your dog has swallowed a toxic plant.

Holiday Safety

The holidays can be an especially fun time for families and furry friends alike. These moments are filled with things like chocolate bunnies, decorative foil and grass-laden Easter baskets.

While you might want your pet in on the holiday festivities, these seasonal treats are a no-no for dogs. In addition to being a choking hazard, plastic grass can obstruct your dog’s digestive system, resulting in surgically removal to avoid injury or death.

Keep these and other holiday treats away from pets.

Keep Your Pet’s Registration Current

Now that your pet is apt to be out and about more often, it’s best to make sure their tags are up-to-date in case of an emergency. This information should include your name, address and phone number where you can be reached in the event that he wanders off.

If you’re looking for a professional dog boarding facility for your pet, look no further than The Barking Lot. Our top-notch accommodations and friendly, trained staff help make your dog feel like he’s at home – away from home.

Of course, this spring don’t forget to drop your dog off for some daycare services and let them enjoy our new turf, spring air and playtime with their friends!


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