Are You Ready for Your First Dog?

Am I Ready For A dog?

A question many people ask themselves before making the choice to own a pet. Understanding that having a dog takes sacrifice and commitment is only part what you need to know about pet ownership.
But there are other aspects that go along with being a pet parent. Dogs need lots of love and attention. They require time and money to be cared for. They need someone to look for out them long term. The list goes on and on.

So, in case you were thinking that now is a good time to adopt a pet, The Barking Lot wanted to share a few thoughts for you to consider before you do.

What’s a Good Match?

Remember that being the best dog owner you can be means finding the right pet. You want to search for a dog that’s just the right size, age and type for you and your family.  It’s best to do a bit of research on the breed you think would be a good fit for you. This way, you’ll both experience years of enjoyment together because you made the right choice early on.

Get Ready to Roll Up Your Sleeves

Be prepared to spend your share of long days and nights training your pet. Potty training, obedience classes and socialization are all part raising a happy, healthy, well-rounded pet.

Can You Afford a Dog?

It’s a good idea to allow for monthly pet expenses in your budget. Food, toys, shots, supplies and appointments with the vet are things you want to factor in ahead of time.

Delegate Pet Care in Advance

Sit down with your family and discuss what each person’s responsibilities will be to care for the dog. Who’s going to walk him? Who will be tasked with giving him food and water? Will everyone be in on the training? It will take effort on everyone’s part to make sure the needs of your pet are well cared for.

Lay Down Some Ground Rules

Most owners believe that boundaries are helpful for dogs. There should be a general consensus among family members about which areas he’s allowed to roam free in, what kind of behavior you expect and any type of rewards or corrective responses. This way, everyone is on the same page, eliminating any confusion for your pet regarding the house rules.

Making the Necessary Preparations

Now that you’ve done all the ground work, it’s time to get your place pet ready.

You’ll want to make sure your dog is not able to chew on things like cords, shoes or children’s toys. Investing in a crate might be your best bet, especially if you plan to adopt a puppy. This is not only helpful in terms of potty training, but it will also keep Fido out of trouble whenever you’re not home. Other options include professional dog boarding services – so you never have to worry about your pet being alone.

You’ll also need to buy a collar and get a comfy bed that accommodates your pet and schedule vaccinations and check-ups on a regular basis.


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