Caring for Your Dog’s Health: Teeth Cleanings

Deerfield Dog Care

Doggy dental health is just as important as their physical health. In some cases, we may not realize this until there’s a problem with our pet’s teeth.

And  to make matters worse, most dogs don’t really look forward to those routine dental cleanings, either.

Despite the challenges of canine teeth cleanings, as pet parents, we have been tasked with the job of maintaining our dog’s oral hygiene. Without proper brushing and cleaning, harmful conditions like periodontal disease can reek havoc on our pets’ mouths, leading to jaw fractures, chronic pain, tooth loss and more serious problems including heart, kidney and liver disease.

Part of caring for your dog’s dental health is being aware of symptoms that cause gum disease in the first place. Some of the signs The Barking Lot has seen during our dog boarding visits from pets with the condition include swollen gums, tooth loss, difficulty eating, increased drooling, red or bleeding gums and pain from chewing.

But as pet owners, we’re the first line of defense against oral disease. Proper dental health begins with regular teeth cleanings. Many dogs resist the idea of having their teeth brushed, so you’ll need lots of patience. Start at a pace you pet feels comfortable and work your way up to longer cleanings each time from there.

Use Doggy Tooth Products

Human toothpaste can be toxic to dogs because of the fluoride. Start by using a toothbrush and toothpaste that’s especially designed for pets.

If you’re having trouble introducing a doggy toothbrush, try using dental wipes that contain baking soda which helps reduce plaque and bacteria. Rub both sides of your pet’s teeth with them.

Other things you can try are dental treats like C.E.T oral hygiene chews that act like toothpaste and help remove tartar buildup.

Dry Food is Your Friend

Although your pooch my not be a huge fan, dry food actually gets rid of some plaque that settles on your pet’s teeth. But dry food alone is never an alternative to brushing.  Stop in to the Barking Lot today to check out all the different kinds of food we offer!

Praise Goes a Long Way

Remember never to scold a dog for not wanting to participate in his oral care. Instead reward him when he does, so he associates it with something positive. This way, he’ll be more willing to try it again.

Don’t Skip Professional Cleanings

If you notice any of the symptoms above, contact your vet. Schedule regular visits to help maintain your pet’s dental health.


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