What You Should Be Looking For In a Dog Day Care

Deerfield Dog Daycare

A professional doggie day care can be beneficial in a number of ways – not just for pets, but their human companions as well.  For example: you don’t have to worry about your dog being home alone. He’ll never get bored. Your pet gets washed, clipped and groomed without you lifting a finger and he’s able to meet lots of new canine friends. Plus, it seems like everyone you know is doing it.

But with doggie day cares being so popular nowadays, how do you know which one is right for you and your pooch?

Below, The Barking Lot lists some of the things you should look for when considering entrusting your pet to someone else.

A Safe, Clean Facility

Doggie day care facilities may not necessarily smell like roses when you visit them, but they also shouldn’t be offensive either. Staff should be on hand to keep the place tidy and to clean up after the dogs as needed.

In general, there should be at least one employee for every 10 to 15 pets. There should also be constant supervision in the event of an accident or in case a fight breaks out.

Trained, Knowledgeable Staff

Employees should be professionally trained to understand fundamental canine communication, including interpreting body language and social cues. Because every pet is unique, they should also know how to handle different types of behavior.

Vaccinations & Other Precautions

Vaccinations are beneficial not just to your dog, but everyone else’s as pet well. That’s why it’s important that the day care facility you consider has procedures in place that require proof of vaccination before any pet is allowed to play.

Some facilities will also require routine flea and worm treatment. Others might offer a behavioral assessment to make sure each pet’s temperament and personality is a good fit for their program.

Guidelines for Play

Playgroups are an essential part of your pet’s day care experience. They aid in socialization while teaching your pet how to play safely with others. Most facilities will try to match up dogs that are the same size, age, and playstyle.

Find out what a typical day would look like for your pet. Naps and playtimes should be incorporated. How long are play sessions? Are the dogs separated during play breaks?

These are things you want to know before enrolling your pet.


A good dog boarding facility will communicate with you about your pet’s time there. They should tell you about how much he enjoyed his day or if any issues arise between him and any other dogs.


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