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Every year, the American Kennel Club publishes its Most Popular Dog Breeds List and this year, the 27th time in a row, the Labrador Retriever wins hands (or paws) down.

The results of the list are based on annual registration statistics and out of 192 different kinds of dogs, Labs are the most preferred type of pooch in the nation.

Because we offer professional dog boarding services to many different types of pets, we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a wide range of personalities and temperaments. And even though we’re kind of partial to all our dogs here at The Barking Lot, we decided to dig a little deeper into just makes Labradors so special.

Here’s what we found.

Labradors are enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing. Contrary to popular opinion, this pet’s name is derived from Newfoundland’s St. John’s water dog. A medium to large breed, Labs can grow to be more than 24 inches tall, weighing anywhere from 50 to 80 pounds depending on the sex.

They have very distinguishing features, such as floppy ears, a chiseled face and a strong body with a thick, pointy tail. Their short-haired, shiny coats can be found in three rich colors: yellow, chocolate and black.

Agility is one of this pooch’s best traits, as they are able to jump 3 feet or more and run in stride for miles despite their size. Labs require a lot of exercise and can engage in activities like swimming, dock diving and marathon games of fetch.

They’re also pretty easy-going pooches who are quick to bond with their human families and like to mingle with other dogs.

Labradors were once bred as a companion to fishermen, but quickly took on the job of a shooting dog because they could be trusted to retrieve game without harming them.

In addition to being a reliable housemate, today Labradors are well-known service animals. You can find them assisting their human companions as service dogs, search and rescue dogs and even therapy dogs.

Not only are these pets great companions, they’re also highly intelligent and easy to train. This is a breed that aims to please. Their fun-loving nature and willingness to serve, makes the Labrador Retriever a popular choice in the home and beyond.

We can’t wait to see your labs or any of your fur-friends at the Barking Lot for dog daycare!  Make a reservation today!


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