Shedding Problems? We Can Help!

Shedding Solutions for Dogs

Shedding dog hair.

One of the most annoying things about the change in seasons. And yet every year about this time, your pet goes through this natural process.

But, it’s not just your pet. In fact, every dog that has hair sheds because hair shafts are constantly growing and falling out. The rate that that this happens depends on the age, breed, environment, hormones and health of the dog.

If shedding seems more noticeable in the spring and fall, it’s because temperature changes help rid your pet of his winter coat in the summer and his summer coat in the winter. And depending on the type of dog you have, he may shed more than others.

Pets that tend to shed more are usually double-coated. They have a top coat as well as an undercoat. There are also dogs that shed very little. These pets have a single coat with very wiry or curly hair.

But the change in temperature isn’t the only reason your pet might shed. It could also be due to the length of his coat, his exposure to sunlight, whether or not he has allergies or health, hormones and nutritional habits.

How to Combat Seasonal Shedding

Unfortunately, there’s no real way to completely eliminate shedding. Many people adopt short-haired dogs because they think these pets shed less than their long-haired companions. This is not the case. Short-haired dogs need to be maintained just as much as long haired pup – an important fact to keep in mind when choosing a breed.

What we found here at The Barking Lot is that the best way to reduce shedding is by regular grooming. Brushing your dog frequently keeps unwanted hair from ending up on your clothes and floors. Most dogs’ hair grow about every two weeks and if you’re able to maintain their coat between vet visits, this should help keep things under control.

Special Grooming Brush

Not all brushes (or combs) are created equal. Some work better on certain pets. Your vet can recommend a comb or brush that’s right for your dog.

Routine Haircuts

Because every dog is different, you need to talk to a professional groomer to find out how often your pet should be groomed. Long-haired breeds should get a haircut on a regular basis to avoid matting. Some people believe shaving their pet will prevent them from shedding, but shaving a double-haired dog can lead to permanent hair loss. Talk to a groomer at a professional dog boarding facility about how you can safely maintain your pet’s coat.

High Quality Diet

Believe it or not, what your pet eats can actually affect the quality of his coat. Better quality foods contain ingredients that are easily digested by your dog can help control shedding and dry skin. Things like olive oil or flaxseed can help improve the overall texture of your dog’s coat.


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