Companies That Let You Take Your Pup To Work


Three show dogs sittingTake Your Dog to Work Day was created 20 years ago by Pet Sitters International as a reminder of the companionship and loyalty that dogs provide.

PSI, a professional pet sitting association, believes TYDTWD gives employers an chance to see just how beneficial it is to have pets in the workplace. The organization’s goal is to raise funds and awareness about the importance of adopting from humane societies, local shelters and rescue groups.

And because of PSI, one Friday a year, people who don’t already have pets get to see the connection that these dogs and their owners have up close – encouraging them to adopt themselves.

But that’s not all. Since TYDTWD began, many companies have adopted an open-door policy for dogs in the workplace. These businesses realize that there can be advantages to taking their pets to work – like having a more open social setting and being a natural stress-reliever for employees.

Some of the companies that have already made dog days a permanent part of their policy include:

Amazon – According to the e-commerce behemoth, more than 6,000 pets show up to work everyday with their humans tagging happily behind. Amazon has had an open-door pet policy since inception.

PetSmart – This may come as no surprise, but employees are encouraged to bring their pets to work with them and are given discounts on dog grooming and merchandise. PetSmart also provides free dog training classes as well.

Google – The tech giant has an affinity for dogs and affectionately names it’s pet owners, Dooglers. We’ve even heard that at the company’s Mountain View, Ca location, pets receive a special badge.

Zynga – Named after founder Mark Pincus’ late bulldog, the social game developer’s logo also bears the likeness of his pet. In addition to being able to bring their dogs to work, the company also offers pet insurance. Zynga pooches also enjoy free treats and supervised play on the rooftop as part of the workday norm.

Zoosk – This company obviously knows what it means to love your puppy partner. And they do! Pets are welcome everyday at the office and one award is given away each month to one of their deserving pups.

Take Your Pet to Work Week begins on June 18 and ends with Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 22. And if your job isn’t participating in TYDTWD. Don’t worry! The Barking Lot offers top-notch dog boarding services for less at a location near you.


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