Spying On Your Dog

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Here’s a question most pet parents have probably asked themselves at one time or another. “What does my pet do all day when I’m not home?”

You might have some clue based on the chewed up scraps of paper scattered all over the kitchen floor when you get home or the shoe strings that went missing all of a sudden from your favorite pair of sneakers.

While these things might happen every now and then, it’s good to know what other little habits your dog’s picking up when you’re not around. So, The Barking Lot came up with a few reasons why you might want to invest in a pet cam.

There Could Be a Method to the Madness

Sometimes it’s just easier to rummage through your dog parents’ home when they’re gone. Other times, there might actually be a good reason for your pet’s naughty behavior. Maybe your pooch might spends his free time knocking over the garbage can when he’s hungry or bored. Or going to the bathroom on the living room carpet because you didn’t have time to take him out before work.

Whatever the case, having a pet cam offers you the chance to observe your dog before you react. It could also help provide some insight into the reason your pet might be doing some of the things he does, rather than thinking they’re just randomly happening out of nowhere.

You Get To See Them Throughout the Day

You go off to work everyday to work an eight-hour shift. You miss your pet – and he misses you. Perfectly understandable. But, how do you relieve some of the separation anxiety that you both feel on a daily basis?

Investing in a pet camera allows you to be able to check in with your pet whenever you want, while relieving some of the guilt. There are brands that even send you notifications when your dog is doing anything out of the ordinary or let you speak to him when you just want to say hello.

You Know When Something is Wrong

One of the most important reasons to own a pet cam is to help identify when something might be wrong with your dog. Because he can’t tell you when he’s hurt or not feeling well, a per monitor could help you decide if his ailments warrant a trip to the vet or just a little one-on-one time with you.

Seeing Your Pet Can Be Uplifting

If you haven’t decided to invest in dog boarding, having a pet at home alone all day can be quite daunting. You want to spend more time with him, but responsibilities say otherwise. According to research, we experience less stress when we’re able to see and communicate with our furry four-legged companions.

Pets can also put you in a better mood when you’re having a bad day. Just being able to catch some of your dog’s zany antics on tape is enough to make the day go a little bit better.


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