Benefits of Having a Multi-Dog Household

Puppies sitting in the grass

What could possibly be better than having a BFF? Having two at the same time! And according to experts, having a multi-dog household can actually offer all the benefits of a single pet home, times two.

But those of us here at The Barking Lot realize that having more than one dog at a time can seem a little overwhelming to many pet parents. Unless you see lots of dogs interacting in a professional dog boarding setting, it might be kind of hard to believe that the pros really do outweigh the cons.

So, in case you’re not totally sold on the idea of having another dog around, we‘ve listed few of the reasons why you should consider adding at least one more pooch to the pack.

Dogs Love To Socialize

Prior to being domesticated by human beings thousands of years ago, dogs lived with other dogs, eating, sleeping and hunting together. Because of this behavior, we’ve come to understand that our pets tend to thrive in highly socialized settings. Not only do dogs enjoy the companionship of others dogs, they’re also less likely to display destructive behaviors or anxiety.

Ever wonder why your pet resorted to chewing on shoes, digging holes in the yard or urinating on the carpet? Many of these things can be attributed to feelings of boredom or loneliness. But having another pet around not only keeps each dog company, but also keeps them preoccupied. And a happy pet, is well-behaved pet.

Two Are Easily Trained

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of a multi-dog household is the extra work involved. Dogs have a hierarchical order that helps them define who the pack leader is and who follows. A similar concept comes into play when training a new pet. Of course, you’ll be doing much of the groundwork, like teaching him to play fetch, when to ‘go’ outside, and how to abide by house rules.

But, the new pup will more than likely be following the example of the more seasoned pooch. Just like humans, dogs learn by example. And mimicking each other’s behavior can potentially be a good thing when the first dog has been properly trained.

They Acts as Exercise Partners

Dogs need regular exercise in order to stay fit, lessen anxiety and improve their mental health. As well-meaning as dog parents are by taking their pets out for daily walks, there’s nothing like the kind of playful nipping, biting and chasing that dogs participate in amongst themselves.

Adequate playtime and exercise keeps your dog stimulated and out of trouble. It also ensures that your pet has a healthy appetite, too. It’s an understated fact that your pet’s appetite is key to proper muscle and bone growth. This is important, because healthy bones can help your dog ward off unnecessary injury and illness.


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