The Barking Lot Serving Buffalo Grove, IL

Buffalo Grove Area Dog Grooming

The Barking Lots Deerfield location at 495 Lake Cook Road means Buffalo Grove residents are only a 12-minute drive away from the most advanced and friendly dog daycare Illinois can provide.  This saves time for pet owners who are looking for “Buffalo Grove dog boarding and care near me“. Convenience is just one reason why The Barking Lot is the premier dog service provider in northern Illinois. 

 Deluxe Suites For Dog Boarding 

The trained professionals at The Barking Lot go far beyond simply furnishing a kennel for dogs.  On the contrary, they strive to provide luxurious, spa-like service, and facilities for every furry friend under their loving care.  Beyond keeping dogs in spacious, individual kennels, they also offer 4 to 5 hours of play, up to 20 minutes of cuddle time, and 30 minutes of one on one fetch per day!  If your family is looking for a Buffalo Grove dog boarding service, there simply is nothing more comfortable than our Deluxe Suites for dogs.

Accommodations are still only part of the reason why The Barking Lot is simply the best when it comes to offering the residents of Buffalo Grove dog boarding services that reach a prized standard.  Because we care about the health of all the animals under our care, were also happy to administer any necessary medications at no additional cost.  Simply provide us with the proper supply and instructions, and well see to it that your pet receives its medications on a regular schedule.

Finally, we take pride in offering pet owners from Buffalo Grove dog boarding services they know will be fun for their canine friends.  Beyond allowing each Deluxe Suite to be filled with toys and bones, weve also developed a gourmet a la carte list of snacks for owners to choose from.  We even make sure to heat every dogs meal before service! Our deluxe suites will leave your pup feeling like every day is a vacation. 

Professional Dog Walking 

Regular exercise is crucial for maintaining a dogs health. The Barking Lot offers professional dog walking services near Buffalo Grove, IL. Pet owners can rely on our dog walkers to put your mind at ease and will help keep your dog active. Our sessions are 30-minutes long and can keep even the most athletic canine in peak form. Contact us to schedule your pups next walk!

Positive Dog Training 

Our Dog training is for all breeds! Our training including obedience, manners, agility, puppy, and trick training. Dog Training is just one of the many services that have made The Barking Lot a provider of dog daycare Illinois residents consistently choose for preparing their pet for home living.  Created by two Directors of Training, our training program is fun, humane, and geared toward helping owners to get the most out of their canine friend.

Dog Grooming near Buffalo Grove, IL 

If you’re looking for quality dog grooming, Buffalo Grove pet owners are always welcome to drive down to The Barking Lots location at 495 Lake Cook Road in Deerfield for premium spa services that include haircuts, brush outs, mani-pedis, and shampoos.  Altogether, our luxurious treatment which will leave any canine feeling pampered and relaxed lasts from 3 to 4 hours.  Though every dog, as the old saying goes, gets its day, our treatment is certainly the type of dog grooming Buffalo Grove canines will feel has made them set for life!  Call us at 847-205-3647 for a price quote on your dogs breed.

Going On A Long Trip?  No Problem.

Whether its for a single day or several weeks, The Barking Lot is happy to offer pet owners from Buffalo Grove dog boarding services that are humane and surpass the highest health and comfort standards.  Because we understand that dog owners sometimes have to travel for several days and weeks at a time, The Barking Lot even offers daycare rates that are priced in time increments of up to 30 days!  Call us at 847-205-3647 for our Deerfield location to learn more about our rates and current special offers.