Barking Lot Serving Glenview


Where can you find a state-of-the-art, dedicated, animal-loving company capable of taking care of your canine companion? You won’t find a better place than the Barking Lot with two prime locations. Our first location is at 2422 Irving Park in Chicago, while our other is in Deerfield, IL at 495 Lake Cook Road. Both are just a short jaunt away from the Glenview, IL. area.

Here at the Barking Lot, we offer a range of services and products that make us a premiere company to pamper your four-legged pet.

Need Glenview Dog Boarding?

With our dog boarding services, we take entrusting the safety of your dog very seriously. That is why all of us here at the Barking Lot offer a luxurious, relaxing, and safe environment when you board your dog with us.

We offer individual and spacious kennels mixed with a spa-like experience for your dog. Our exceptionally trained staff will go above and beyond to meet your dog’s specific needs—from administering medication to warming food.

There’s Someone in Glenview to Walk Your Dog

An important aspect of a dog’s day is exercise—and we meet that need by offering dog walking services to keep your four-legged friend in good health. We offer a 30-minute refreshing walk with trusted employees from the Barking Lot, who you can be guaranteed will take exceptional care of your dog.

We’ll Get Your Dog Trained in No Time

A key to having a happy dog at home is one that is well trained. Not every dog is a prince, which is why we offer dog training classes of varying levels. Each class can be geared towards the needs of your dog, while training them in a humane, effective, and fun manner. Our services range from simple consultations to private sessions.

We have two Directors of Training that oversee our entire training program, which offers classes for puppies, obedience, manners, tricks and agility.

Let us Groom Your Dog

Good hygiene for you and your pet are important—so important that we offer top-notch grooming. For your dog, of course. Dog grooming sessions take three to four hours and include a brush out, wash, deep shampooing and nail treatment. Our grooming session will keep your dog clean and looking healthy.

Dog Daycare For the Glenview Area

To many of us, our dogs are more than just a pet—they’re family—and to leave them alone while we are away all day can be hard on many levels. From anxiety from both parties or destructive behavior, leaving a dog alone can be a handful. That is why we offer two, state-of-the-art facilities that allow your dog to have a home away from home. The Barking Lot dog daycare is designed to give your dog a relaxing, fun-filled day away from home by offering expansive play places and socialization. Playtime is supervised and occurs with dogs of similar size and temperament.

For more information on all the services the Barking Lot has to offer, please feel free to contact us at either location.