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Dog Boarding Chicago

Just as you desire first-rate accommodations and services when you go on vacation, the Barking Lot is the best way for your dog to enjoy his or her time away from home while you’re away. We’re like a spa and hotel for your dog. With state-of-the-art boarding facilities and individual spacious kennels, your dog will want to spend all of their vacation time with us. The Barking Lot is the only call you need to make for great dog boarding in Chicago, IL and to ensure that every aspect of your dog’s stay is a great one. Our focus is keeping your dog safe and well. Our trained staff will give you the peace of mind that your dog’s boarding experience is as much a vacation as yours!

Whether it’s one night or one month, your dog will enjoy our fabulous kennel. Because all dogs need their own space, every dog will have a very clean private suite. However, if you are boarding more than one dog we are able to board dogs from the same family in the same kennel. There’s nothing like having a doggie pal close by when you’re in an unfamiliar place.

You may bring pet beds, blankets and a toy without a squeaker but don’t bring anything too valuable because after all, they are dogs and they might get damaged or lost.

Dog Diets and Medication

If your dog has a particular diet, we won’t interrupt the flow – we ask you to supply us with enough food, any kind you want, to nourish your dog for the duration of their stay. Just like people, dogs may have special needs – and we’re able to meet most requests that our dog clients have. Even if your dog needs their food heated in the microwave or given medication, we’ll provide the special attention needed.

Dogs Like Other Dogs

Every dog owner wants to give their dog the fullest life possible, so at the Barking Lot doggie playtime is a big part of our services. Your dog will get three individual walks during their stay and will have four to five hours of supervised playtime in a controlled social environment with dogs of similar age and temperament. For the most part, dogs enjoy playing with other dogs; however if your dog isn’t the socializing kind we can make other arrangements. We’ll always ensure your dog’s safety and happiness – and you can check in whenever you want on our exclusive webcam!

What Your Dog Needs

Before your dog can check in to the Barking Lot, we’ll need proof of rabies, DHPPC and Bordetella or Titer results.

Chicago Dog Boarding Details

Please read the following very carefully. We’d like your check in process to go as smoothly as possible.

We pride ourselves in making your dog’s experience here full of fun, fun, fun!!! With that comes 4 hours of play. Please understand that your dog can come home a lot tired and a lil’ messy. Although not included, we do recommend a bath at the end of the stay. And for all 1st time clients, we’d like to extend a 10% off coupon for your dog’s exit bath.

Dog Boarding Required Vaccinations:

We require updated records for the following: Bordatella, All 3 rounds of Distemper, Rabies & Parvo

Dog Boarding Services Rates:


$43 Per Night 4 x 4 Suite

$48 Per Night 4 x 8 Suite


$56 Per Night 4 x 8 Suite

$58 Per Night 7 x 7 Suite

$63 Per Night 10 x 10 Suite

(Rates apply per dog. Additional dog is 20% off. 3rd dog is 50% off. 4th dog is FREE!) Cancellation Policy:

We ask that you kindly give 24 hour notice should you need to cancel.

During Holiday Times, Spring Break, Peak Boarding Times… We have a Two (2) Week Cancellation Policy. This means that should you cancel two (2) weeks from the first day of your dog’s stay with us you will be responsible for half of the stay. In addition, should you cancel 24 hours from the first day of the stay, you are responsible for the entire stay (invoice).

Dog Boarding Drop Off:

You may drop off as early as 7:00am for returning customers and 8am for first time customers Monday thru Friday and 8am on Saturday and Sunday, as you have paid for that entire day, as we charge by the night.

Dog Boarding Pick up:

You may pick up as late as 7pm Monday thru Friday and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

HOWEVER, you will incur an extra half day charge should you pick up after 12pm:


Please portion your dog’s food out per meal into baggies. Should your dog consume wet food as well, you do not need to portion this out; simply provide the cans. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROVIDE BOWLS ☺


Please feel free to provide treats for your dog to enjoy during his stay. We also have an a la carte list for bed time or mid- day snacks for you to choose from.


We are happy to administer medications at no additional charge. Simply provide us with the correct amount of pills, etc. your dog will need during his/her stay.


We want your dog to be as comfortable as possible while in our care. With that, please feel free to bring along a bed or blanket for your dog to feel more at home. If you do not provide a bed or blanket, do not worry… we will!!


While we really do appreciate that you want to make your dog feel as comfortable & happy as possible…over the MANY years in business, we have found that 95% of the dogs with toys do NOT touch them while in their kennel. Furthermore, we are also concerned with having toys with a squeaker in their possession while unsupervised as it is a choking hazard and their safety is #1. With this, we ask that you do not bring toys with a squeaker.

Bones and More:

Your dog can however have as many bones as he/she desires in his room… No rawhides as they too are a choking hazard. But, Pig Ears, Bully Sticks, Marrow Bones, etc. are welcome. We have plenty to choose from in our retail store for your convenience as well!

Doggie Playtime:

Your dog gets 4-5 hours of playtime per day. Our playgroups are always supervised and we separate by size and temperament. Our larger, more active dogs go into playgroup @ 9-9:20am (for 2-2/12 hrs.) and 1:30-1:45pm (for 2-2/12 hrs.). Our smaller, less active, etc. dogs go into playgroup @ 9:30-9:45am (for 2 -2/12 hrs.) and 2-2:15pm (for 2- 2 1⁄2 hrs.).

*These times are approximate, not exact.

Playtime Webcams:

PC Users: Simply go to Click on webcams. Click on Irving Park. Click on appropriate playroom.
Login: guest
Password: guest

Mac, iphone, ipad & android users:

Turn your Wifi OFF


Potty Breaks:

Your dog receives 3 potty breaks per day in addition to playtime.

Barking Lot Deerfield, IL