Deluxe Dog Boarding Deerfield,IL

Delux Dog Boarding Chicago, IL

Our top-of-the-line fully heated and air-conditioned accommodations are designed for the health, comfort, happiness and well being of your dog. Our dog boarding guests will stay in their own private space for meals and sleeping, and will be walked three times a day for fresh air and potty breaks. Over-sized spaces are available for large breed dogs and families of dogs. Play time in our supervised day care facility with dogs of similar size and temperament is included in the boarding fee. 

Meals are given twice daily and in order to maintain a consistent diet for your dog’s stay, we require you to bring your dog’s own food, measured and individually bagged for each meal. Special dietary requirements, medication or physical needs can be attended to.

Chicago Dog Boarding Vaccinations

Proof of rabies, H3N2 flu vaccine, DHPPC and Bordetella or titer results are required. Please check our rates as they vary for location.

Dog Boarding Check-in

Check-in anytime during our hours of operation. Check-out is 12:00 pm–anything after that time will incur an extra half day charge.

Dog Boarding Chicago, IL