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If you could choose to spend your entire day – everyday –with friends laughing, joking, shopping, throwing a ball around – wouldn’t you? Isn’t that what you want for your dog while you’re at work? A dog’s life is a privileged life. They are some of the luckiest creatures on earth and we want to see to it that they know how much they’re loved and appreciated. Bringing your little pal to spend his or her days at the Barking Lot is a guarantee they’ll be pampered, loved, exercised and, to your benefit, worn out by the time you pick them up.

The Barking Lot facility in Deerfield has 25,000 of square footage and is designed with state-of-the-art heating and air-conditioning systems, brand new matted floors and individualized spaces for your dogs to take a break during the day.

Dogs are given four to five hours of structured, supervised playtime with playmates of equal size and temperament in a controlled social environment. And each furry friend gets one individual walk during the day – and plenty of time to chill out in his own kennel.

Let’s not kid ourselves, if dogs don’t have downtime, they can get worn out, dehydrated and possibly hurt themselves – not to mention needing a break to prevent grumpiness and aggressive behavior. We watch your dogs’ activity to make sure they have fun and get exercise, but that they do it in a safe environment. Just as little kids need to take naps during the day to re-energize, dogs do too.

Voted “Best Overnight Boarding”, “Best Doggie Daycare”, “Best Trainer (Wendy DeCarlo)”, “Best Group Class (Dog Obedience Group)” By the Readers of Chicagoland Tails Magazine, the number one pet magazine in the Chicago area.

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