Dog Grooming Deerfield, IL

Dog Grooming

Going to the spa is a treat for anyone – and when your pooch is in need of a haircut, brush out, mani-pedi (aka nail trim) or just a good ol’ shampoo, our trained staff can tend to all of your dog’s grooming needs. Our grooms typically range from 3-4 hours, but should your dog need a “straight through” appointment, we can accommodate this for a minimal charge.

Dogs love coming to The Barking Lot because, as you to like be spoiled at your spa, we ensure their time here is full of gentle pampering. We will always do our best to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. While we do require a reservation for grooming, we do not require one should you need to pop in for a nail trim, ear cleaning, gland expression or teeth brushing.

Rates vary from breed to breed so please call for further information.

We look so forward to having your loveable pet with us!