Dog Grooming Services

Treat your canine companion to a spa day, courtesy of the Barking Lot! Our friendly team of Chicago-area dog-grooming professionals is here to primp and pamper pups of all ages and sizes. After all, don’t we all deserve to look like a million bucks?

Why Does My Dog Need Grooming?

Few things are cuter than a freshly groomed pup – and it does tend to make them happier and more confident. But grooming isn’t just about vanity.

Carefully working the knots and mats out of your pet’s hair can really alleviate discomfort and improve their mood. Nail trimming will make walking more comfortable and reduce the risk of painful nail breaks. And while there’s no way to completely eliminate shedding, regular brushing and bathing does wonders to keep loose hair out of your carpets, clothing, and furniture.

The full-body attention of a delicate grooming session also provides an excellent opportunity to catch any potential health issues: things like skin conditions or eye/ear fluid discharges. And while a groomer is no substitute for a veterinarian, any early detection can save you money – and save your pet some discomfort.

Finally, grooming is actually an important form of socialization – something that’s very important to dogs. It’s a calming activity that helps them relax and satisfies the deep need we all have for some one-on-one contact from time to time.

How It Works

The Barking Lot offers complete dog grooming services in the Chicago area. Our trained groomers have a gentle touch, and offer a variety of options including:

Pick the services you need, or treat your pet to the complete grooming package. Our dog grooming sessions usually range from 3-4 hours, but if you need a “straight-through” appointment, we can often accommodate that for a minimal charge. While we do require a reservation for haircuts and brush-outs, most other services are available on a pop-in basis.

Note that grooming rates will vary from breed to breed – give us a call at our Deerfield location for more information!