Dog Training Classes Deerfield, IL

Dog Training Deerfield, IL

At The Barking Lot, we believe that good dog training must be humane, fair, effective and fun. Our two Directors of Training, Wendy DeCarlo and Dennis Damon of the Dog Obedience Group (D.O.G) who specialize in behavior and training, instruct & supervise our entire training program.  If you are thinking “where is there a dog obedience class near me?” look no further than The Barking Lot Deerfield.

We provide a variety of training venues from behavior consultations to private sessions, specialized for you and your dog’s individual needs. Group classes are available for puppy training, and pet manners, agility, games and tricks. Also available are private and semi-private classes in: pre-acquisition counseling, problem solving, preparing dogs for the arrival of a baby, massage and conditioning.

Our Dog Obedience Training Process

Our approach to humane training uses positive reinforcement, operant conditioning clicker training, and ‘The Third Way’ training. “Our goal in training is to teach owners how to effectively communicate what they want to their dogs, and to build a strong and dedicated partnership based on respect for each other.” Proof of vaccinations or titers is required. ( Bordatella, Distemper & Rabies)

If you are interested in any of our training programs, please call 773-583-0065

Dog Obedience Training Deerfield, IL