Dog Training Classes Deerfield, IL

Dog Training Deerfield, IL

If you’ve ever seen the difference between a well-mannered dog and a rough-and-tumble one, you know it’s like night and day. And whether you’ve got a brand-new puppy in need of basic obedience training or an older dog looking to learn a few new tricks, the Barking Lot is your best bet for Deerfield dog training classes.

We offer a variety of fun and effective training classes for dogs of all sizes and personalities. Our expert instructors are here to help with everything from simple commands to advanced tricks and agility drills. A well-trained dog is a calm, confident, and happy dog – and generally leads to a happier owner, too!


Deerfield’s Top Dog Training Classes

Our philosophy is simple: good training should be fair, humane and as fun as possible. Our classes use positive reinforcement and clicker training, drawing on principles from the “Third Way” training method.

We teach dogs patience and listening skills, and help them to understand where they stand in the hierarchy of their “pack” (your family) – but we also help owners understand how to better communicate with their furry family members. At the end, you won’t just have a dog that can do a few new party tricks – you’ll also have a stronger bond with your pet, based on mutual respect and trust.

Private and semi-private dog training classes are also available for a variety of specific subjects, like advanced problem-solving or preparing dogs for the arrival of a new baby. Please let us know if you have unique circumstances or any special requests!


Puppy Training in Deerfield, IL

The Barking Lot is proud to offer puppy-specific training and obedience classes in Deerfield. Early learning is just as critical for dogs as it is for people – that’s why our classes aim to prepare your pup for a lifetime of good habits and happiness!

Puppy training helps young dogs find their footing in your family, and teaches them skills (like responsiveness) that will keep them safe throughout the rest of their lives. A few fun tricks can boost their confidence and happiness day-to-day, too. And when your pup is all done with class, our on-site shop is the perfect spot to grab a new toy or some new treats to practice with at home!

Note: Please bring the following to your first puppy training class:

If you are interested in any of our training programs, please call 847-677-0680

Dog Obedience Training Deerfield, IL