Taking a Dog’s Collar Off Inside: Is it a Good Idea?

As a pet owner, you realize the importance of your dog wearing a collar.

First, dog collars are the best way to ensure that if your pets gets lost, that he can be found, identified and returned. And secondly, many states have laws that prohibit dogs from “running” or roaming at large, subjecting them to impoundment if found or thought to be a “nuisance.”

ID tags attached to pet collars usually contain valuable information like the dog’s name, owner’s address and phone number. Some people include proof of vaccination for the safety of their pet and others.

While no one debates the benefits of having a dog collar, many pet parents do consider whether or not their dogs should keep them on at home. If you’ve ever considered taking his collar off inside, The Barking Lot found a few reasons why this might be a safer option while your pet stays indoors.

Your Pet Might Chew on His Collar

Some collars are just plain uncomfortable for dogs. So to try to alleviate a little of the unpleasantness, they might try to scratch or chew through it. The obvious danger here is that if he swallows part of the collar, your pet might require surgery to have it removed. If you do take it off while inside, put the collar someplace you know your dog won’t be able to reach it.

The other alternative to taking it off, is buying a collar that’s comfortable and offers a secure fit.

It Could Become a Choking Hazard

If you are used to putting your dog in the crate during the day, there are a few things you need to be aware of when you do. Pets don’t always like being in a confined space for hours at a time and might attempt to escape through the bars.

But while doing so, it’s easy for the collar to get stuck between the bars and become a choking or strangling hazard. It’s best to take the collar off while your pet is in the crate and put it in a safe place away from your dog.

Collars Can Cause Skin Problems

Depending on the material the collar is made from, skin problems could erupt, causing damage to the coat around your pet’s neck. After being worn for so long, the collar wears down the hairs and exposes the skin. We don’t have to tell you how unpleasant this can be, especially when your dog has a collar on all the time.

To make attaching and removing your dog’s collar a little easier, brands have come up with a collar that’s designed to be used daily. It snaps on and off with ease, while military-grade, reflective material makes it almost impossible for your pup to break out of!


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