Why Pumpkin is Good for Dogs

Why Pumpkin is Good for Dogs

There are many foods that dog owners sometimes question if they’re safe for ingestion by their lovable pets. Pumpkin, a tasty treat for dogs, is actually beneficial and provides many amazing perks when consumed. Although fall is upon us and pumpkins are becoming apart of the autumn culture, pumpkins should be apart of your dog’s diet year round.

Pumpkins, and their obvious shape, shouldn’t be fed to dogs as is – it’s hard to imagine. Instead, the safest and most common way to give your dog pumpkin is through a puree, which can be found at any local grocery store. Be sure to avoid pumpkin pie filling, which contains extra fats, sugars and spices. Raw and cooked pumpkin flesh and pumpkin seeds are also safe for your dogs, so the next time you carve a pumpkin, think about your dog!

Why is pumpkin good for dogs? Well, it has many benefits actually. Dogs often have digestive issues that lead to internal discomfort. Pumpkin has a high amount of fiber which can return your dog to its top shape and feeling great again. Pumpkin reduces constipation and diarrhea to make them feel healthier. Just add a tablespoon or two of puree to your dogs daily diet to help get them back to their regular shelves.

For your dog’s skin and coat, pumpkin seeds contain fatty acids which benefit is exterior. Through the help of pumpkin, itching patterns and other bad habits can be quickly reduced. It’s not secret that dogs love to eat and loathe for the opportunity to steal a nibble of their owner’s food. Pumpkin purees add less calories to your dog’s diet while also help them prevent overeating.

Pumpkin, although extremely healthy on its own, isn’t the only way to improve your dog’s health. Coconut oil can help keep your dog healthy in similar ways to pumpkin – it improves skin and coat, digestion and is loaded with benefits. Salmon oil is another great addition to a diet, as it contains Omega 3 fatty acids which help with skin allergies, digestion, immune systems, inflammation, and blood and heart issues.

Adding pumpkin to your dogs daily diet is safe and should be done because of its many benefits! For more information on healthy food alternatives, dog walking services, dog grooming services or dog boarding services visit Barking Lot online or in person at our Deerfield location!



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