How Long Should Your Dog’s Walks Be?

With owning a dog comes a lot of responsibilities. You must feed them multiple times a day, make sure their water bowl is always full, let them outside every so often to relieve themselves and so much more. On top of these necessary tasks, there are also the fun ones such as walking them and playing with them! While on one of your walks, does your mind ever wonder if your walk is long enough? Or is there an ideal dog walk length?

Walking is an important activity for your pooch. The exercise from the walk is essential to their health, as it can help to improve their cardiovascular and digestive systems and can reduce the effect of arthritis. It’s also a great mental stimulate! As your dog is prancing around, they are experiencing and seeing new things which is keeping them on their toes! Walks can also help with your dog’s socialization, as it helps them see and learn more about other dogs and people they encounter.

Your dogs walk should depend on the breed, their age and their tolerance for exercise. Some dog breeds naturally need more activity and exercise than other breeds. Learn about your dog’s breed to see how much exercise they require.

Their age plays a major role in how long walks should be. Younger dogs are going to have more energy so they can stand longer walks. Older dogs will have less energy and can’t handle a very long walk.

The average household dog can handle a nice walk that lasts around 20-30 minutes, which is considered a pretty good amount of time! If your dog is in amazing shape and has a lot of energy, don’t be afraid to extend the walk. Your dog would more than likely love it! Does your dog need a new leash or collar? Visit us today!



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