Staying Ahead of Springtime Flea Infestation

With the winter finally coming to an end, and the warm weather taking over- so are the fleas! Sooner than later, you’re going to find yourself with an out of control flea problem that really bugs you and your dogs!

Controlling fleas is a multi-step process and often involves assistance from your vet. If you find a flea on your dog, it is likely in one of the early life stages of the flea, such as; eggs, larvae, and cocoons. These can be found in your home and backyard. An effective treatment and prevention plan will involve caring for your pet and the environment. No flea treatment yields immediate results, so it’s important for you to be patient and continue the care.

According to Dr. Adam Patterson, the clinical assistant professor and chief of dermatology at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, “ The adult fleas owners see on their pet is just the tip of the iceberg as those fleas come from immature and unseen flea life stages in the carpet, area rugs, upholstery, dog beds, and shady places outdoors. Depending on environmental conditions, it may take a couple of weeks to months for all of the eggs to hatch, so if you don’t keep regularly administering flea prevention to all fur-bearing animals in your home, you are giving fleas an opportunity to come right back to your pet.”

In addition to using flea-control products, you can treat your home and yards in a simpler way. For inside the home, vacuum thoroughly below drapes, under furniture and wherever your dog sleeps. Be sure to remove and throw away the vacuum bag after every use until the flea problem is resolved. Washing your dogs’ bed on a weekly basis can also help. Controlling fleas outdoors includes disturbing the flea’s habitat to prevent the adult fleas from developing. Focus on moist, warm and shady areas of the yard where there are leaves and other organic materials. Don’t forget to rake/sweep under patios, porches and/or outdoor kennels as fleas populate where your dog spends the most time.

The best option for controlling fleas is to put your pet on flea prevention year-round. This will help maintain the infestation during the spring/summertime. There are many flea control products for pets such as flea collars, once a month topical treatments or oral tablets. The Barking Lot offers a variety of preventative flea and tick measures. Ready to rid those pesky fleas? Stop in today for more information!


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