4 Ways to Tell Your Dog “I Love You”

Every day, dog owners express this statement by telling their doggies how cute they are, what good boys or girlies they’re being and how much they are loved. While dogs are aware of your moods and can sense your praise, they can’t understand the words “I love you” the way that we mean them. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel your love!

We here at The Barking Lot have compiled a list of the best ways to express your love and admiration to your dog!

Pack in plenty of play time

Dogs are highly expressive. Because of this people have become experts at speaking dog. Body language, in particular, is recognized. If your dog is feeling playful and brings one of their toys to you, respond back to this by playing with them! This might seem obvious, but for most dogs, play is the best message of love and connection. Dogs use play to express their admiration for you!

Pats and rubs = I love you

From day 1 dogs experience getting licked, nudged around and comforted as newborns by their parents. Gentle and light touching from you mimics the type of affection that was given to them by their mothers as babies.

Communicate clearly with your eyes and hands

Dogs use their eyes, mouth, tail, paws, body posture, vocalization and much more to express themselves. Dogs are able to read human faces and body language. Dogs actually have a high level of social-emotional attunement, especially with people that they know and love. So, one way to express love with your dog is to become an effective owner and communicator. Most dogs respond well to a loving look from their owners.

Respect your dog’s dislikes

It is important to realize what your dog enjoys and what they don’t. Most dogs will learn to tolerate some action but may not show signs that they are scared or anxious. If you ignore the signs, dogs may think that you aren’t listening to them. For many dogs, these actions include things that they are not comfortable with such as wearing clothing, being in an unfamiliar setting, etc.

Don’t forget to show your doggie plenty of love and care by following these steps. You can also show them love by stopping into The Barking Lot to buy your pup a tasty treat they’ll enjoy!




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