4 Reasons Why Socialization Is Important for Your Dog’s Health

Dog Socialization

Owning a dog is a walk in the park for many people. Pups bring companionship and love, but what happens when they aren’t properly socialized from a young age? Not only can regular outings with your pooch become a struggle, but improper socialization can adversely impact their health, too! Below details four reasons why socialization is important to your dog’s health.


Fear and Hormones

When humans become fearful, our hormone levels skyrocket. Well, the same thing happens in dogs too. Dogs are at an increased risk of being scared in brand new environments, so socializing your pup at a young age to a multitude of experiences and environments is very beneficial in the long run. Not only will socialization from a young age help a pup successfully adjust to new people and environments, but it also limits the amount of stress-related hormones the pup experiences. Stress hormones increase a dog’s heart rates, respiration rates, and blood pressure. When a dog experiences these hormones regularly, their body begins to function improperly. This includes a decrease of blood flow to the kidneys and intestines, muscle breakdown and improper function of the immune system.


Tough Visits to the Vet

Dogs that aren’t properly socialized from a young age can also react negatively to going to the vet. Treatments and check-ups from a veterinarian are crucial to your pup’s health, so dog owners should socialize their furry friend to enjoy their time at the vet. When dogs are not socialized, veterinarians tend to have a hard time caring for your animal. For instance, a dog that is scared of a new environment can become fearful at the vet and exhibit aggressive behaviors like biting and growling. Aggressive behaviors like biting prevent a veterinarian from assessing your pooch’s gums and giving your dog the proper care it deserves.


Lack of Exercise

All pups enjoy playing outside and they should be allowed to spend time rolling around in the grass and chasing the wind. After all, it’s a dog’s life. But when pups aren’t socialized to be around other animals, their owners are often hesitant to take their dogs outside for fear of how they will behave. Not only does this hesitation further prevent dogs from experiencing any socialization, but it also impedes their health. Some dog owners have stopped taking their dogs on walks or to the dog park because they fear any altercations that could occur between their dog and others. This leads to a dog’s sedimentary lifestyle, which negatively impacts their weight and overall health.


Grooming 101

Have you ever tried to groom a pooch that wiggled around like a fish out of water? It is an extremely difficult task to complete. Dogs need regular grooming, so when they are not properly socialized, this task seems impossible. When a poorly socialized dog needs grooming, the pup is at a risk to get injured. The groomer may accidentally cut themselves or the pup or the pup won’t be groomed to the proper standards.


Socializing dogs from a young age is so beneficial for all four of these reasons and more! Click here for other tips and tricks on socializing your pooch, or visit Barking Lot in Deerfield, il to speak to a certified worker about your pup!


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