5 Tips for Getting Your Dog to Behave in Public

Puppies, pooches and furry friends! Who doesn’t love a playful pup? But what happens when your furball enters a new environment? Your new pooch can end up behaving poorly due to unfamiliar spaces with unusual smells. Follow the five tips below to ensure your pup is well behaved in a new space!


  1. Get Walking

Young puppies have a lot of energy, especially when they enter a new environment. One way to ensure your pup is cool, calm and collected during an outing is to take them on a walk beforehand. Reducing your pup’s energy prior to an outing allows them to be well behaved in unfamiliar settings.


  1. The Shorter the Outing, the Better

It is no secret that puppies have short attention spans. But a short attention span paired with the excitement of a brand new place can result in a poorly behaved pooch. To guarantee your dog is on their best behavior, plan for trips spanning 10-15 minutes at a time. Not only does this let your dog experience new and exciting places and smells, but it also allows them to maintain a calm demeanor.


  1. Follow the Same Rules

When you take your pooch to a new spot, make sure you maintain the same rules that you do at home. If you do not allow your pup to pull on the leash when you are out on a walk in your neighborhood, then you shouldn’t allow leash pulling when you are at the dog park either. By instilling the same rules in all environments, your pup will learn to be on their best behavior no matter where you take them.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Bribery

So what happens if your pup is having a difficult time adjusting to a new environment? One word – treats! Bringing treats that your pooch adores will help them focus. Whenever your pup has trouble focusing, pull out one of these tasty treats to help them focus on their good behavior.


  1. One Puppy at a Time

Young pups are playful and social, but it is best to leave your other puppies at home when you train your new furry friend. Because outside distractions stimulate your pup and reduce their focus, owners should train their new dog one-on-one to produce their best behavior.


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