How to Stop Your Dog’s Gnawing Problem

We all know that dogs are chewers. Whether it be your stinky gym socks or your pup’s brand new toy, all pooches love to chew. This chewing behavior is normal, but what happens when your furry friend chews the legs on your kitchen chairs or ruins your favorite pair of sneakers? This is when your pup’s chewing behavior crosses the line.

The first thing pet owners should do is try to understand why their pooch is chewing items they should not be. Some reasons for this bad chewing behavior include boredom, improper training, separation anxiety, fear-related behavior or they want attention. Once you pinpoint the reason for your pooches chewing, you can begin to fix their chewing problem.

One way to help your dog stop chewing is to take responsibility for your own belongings. Make sure everything is out of your pup’s path that you do not want them to have access too. Items like trash, books, glasses, clothing, and shoes should be out of your pup’s sight and mind.

Pet owners will also want to supervise their dog until they learn all of the house rules. If you do not want your dog on the sofa, continuously redirect their behavior until they learn that they are not allowed on furniture.

But what if your pup’s chewing stems from teething? Pet owners can freeze a washcloth for their puppy to chew on. This is will reduce any pain and swelling that should alleviate some of their bad chewing habits.

All in all, pet owners must be prepared to put in the time to redirect chewing behaviors. Because pups learn from punishment, it is always good to stop bad behavior when it is happening or right after it occurs.

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