Why You Should Give Your Dog All-Natural Treats

Every good four-legged friend deserves a treat, but are you giving your dog the right treats for their health? When settling for the “cheaper” treats at most stores, you are not doing your best to keep your pet healthy from the low-quality fillers they put in them.

Switching over to all-natural dog treats will go a long way in protecting your dog from unnecessary vet visits, developing allergies, concerning dog behavior, and much more. Here at the Barking Lot, we provided you with 4 reasons why you should make the switch to all natural treats today! Find out below!

Decrease in Allergies

By giving your pup all-natural treats, you will see a decrease in sensitivity to allergies and skin ailments. By making the switch to all-natural ingredients, you are giving them quality, nutritional ingredients that will help build up their immune system, and over time, will help them to develop a resistance to some skin infections.

Increase in Energy Levels

Another reason to make the switch is that you will see an increase in their energy levels. This will help your pup maintain a healthy weight for their breed. Being an overweight little furry friend may be cute, but it can also lead to diabetes, hip dysplasia, and other diagnoses. Feeding them nutrient-rich treats will also keep their energy up without them getting too tired too quickly.

Happier Tummy 

Often, your dog could be experiencing “sad” behavior or looking like they are exhausted after eating those treats. This is because the ingredients are all bulk fillers inside- your pet’s stomach cannot handle these ingredients most of the time and this can cause them to feel sick. Save you and your dog a trip to the vet by feeding them a better option.

Quality of Life

Feeding your dog table food and bad treats will impact how they look, act, and feel. By making the switch to healthier treats, you are providing them with the highest quality of life. Help your dog live a healthy, happy, and long life by swapping out the bad treats for some natural ingredient ones today!


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