Dog Training 101: Brought to You by the Barking Lot

There is a lot to keep in mind when you are training your pup. Dog training is something that is ongoing. Dog training is in fact, never finished and something that is a process for their whole life. Find out some dog behavior tips below brought to you by us here at The Barking Lot.


Tip 1: Set aside time for daily training. Dog training works best when it is typically done in the same controlled environment. Teaching your dog to sit or lay down while on a walk may not be the best environment because of distractions. When done in your home or yard, your pup will be familiar with the environment, allowing them to focus more on what you are teaching them.


Tip 2: Keep those training sessions short! Puppies tend to have a shorter attention span and they often learn better when you spread out sessions into shorter sessions throughout the day. Even if you only spend 10 minutes say 3 times a day, that will work better than trying to spend 30 minutes in one sitting.


Tip 3: Train your pup after play sessions. Search “dog training near me” and you will learn that this is something we practice at the Barking Lot in Deerfield. Getting your dog out of the crate and allowing some of that puppy energy to get out helps them focus more during their training. If they are sitting all day and then you try to train them, they are going to be all over the place with excitement and most likely will not listen as well.


Tip 4: Always focus on positive reinforcement. The best way to get your pup to follow commands is by having them associate positive reinforcement with training. Focus on showing your pup what you want them to do rather than what they are not doing. When successful, they will want to continue to do well.


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