Tips for a Successful Take Your Dog To Work Day

If you did not know, June 21st is National Take Your Dog To Work Day. Depending on where you work, you might be a little nervous about bringing your pet to the office. Lucky for you, we here at The Barking Lot have put together some tips so your dog day can go smoothly and you can ensure your pup is on their best behavior.


First off, check if anyone in your office is allergic to your dog or might be opposed to you bringing in your furry friend. It is always good to ask before bringing along your pet to work.


Next, puppy-proof your office space. If you are going to bring your dog to work, you need to make sure that there are no open wires they could possibly chew on. It is also important to remove any hazardous plants, valuables or any other objects that you don’t want your pup getting into.


Just like if you were to pack for dog boarding, you should bring a doggie bag with you to work. The bag should contain treats, toys, water bowls, etc. Making sure you have everything for your pup to last the whole workday is the key to a successful bring your dog to work day.


Another useful tip is to try to avoid making co-workers interact with your pup. When a dog lover is in the office, they will make themselves known. This avoids having non-dog lovers in your office getting mad.


Make sure you are taking time out of your work day to let your dog go outside and use the bathroom and/or walk around to get some energy out before heading back into work. Frequent breaks are a good idea to ensure no accidents happen on your boss’s carpeting. This will make National Take Your Dog To Work Day a success!


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