How Grooming Helps Your Dog in the Summer Heat

Every dog in the hot summer heat is at risk for heatstroke, and dogs that have thick fur are especially at risk. Find out what breeds are high-risk and learn some tips to prevent your dog from overheating this summer below.


At The Barking Lot, we know just how much you want to protect your pup, and we do too! That is why we put together a list of ways to prevent your breed from overheating. The first breed at risk is Brachycephalic breeds.


Because of their cute smushy face, the shorter the dog’s snout is, the greater their risk is for overheating. Because they have shorter muzzles, breathing issues can occur and it is harder for these breeds to properly intake and circulate cooling air. These breeds are dogs such as pugs, boxers, bulldogs, shih tzus, Chihuahuas, and bull mastiffs.


To prevent these types of breeds from overheating, try to keep them off hot surface floors or sidewalks, and keep them in the shade. Dogs don’t sweat through their skin but through their paw pads. When they are on hot surfaces, it will make them even hotter. Try to avoid hot surfaces for your pet.


The next type of breeds at high risk are thick coated dogs or Black fur dogs. Because of their thick and/or long fur, they do poorly in extreme heat and summer weather. These breeds need special attention during the summer months to ensure they do not overheat. Breeds with thick fur include huskies, Bernese mountain dogs, and Alaskan malamute or a Samoyed.


To prevent these dogs from overheating, getting them groomed is the best option. Our dog services we offer such as grooming will prevent your dog from overheating this summer. By trimming their thick fur, your dog will not be as hot in the summer heat. This will go a long way in keeping their body cool. It will also prevent them from having unusual dog behavior due to heat. Stay up to date with your pet’s grooming and keep them in the shade this summer to cool off and beat the summer heat!


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