Frozen and Fun Dog Treats for Hot Summer Days

Black dog licking a frozen treat.

Summer is the time for cool, frozen sweet treats. Why not try making some homemade frozen dog treats this summer for your dog? Frozen treats not only let you have fun in the kitchen, but they will help prevent dehydration and also keep your dog entertained. Heatstroke is just one of the many summer hazards that can affect your dog. There are many ways you can help keep your dog cool this summer. Chilled or frozen dog treats are a great surprise that your furry friend will love! Below are some ideas for healthy, cool dog treats that your dog will love.

Creative Ways to Cool Down

Once you have grabbed all your ingredients for your frozen sweet treats, the possibilities are endless. One fun way to spruce up your treats is to get a couple different sized and shaped ice cube trays. These trays can be filled with a variety of things; fruits, yogurt, mashed up dog food, or peanut butter. You can easily combine all these ingredients in a blender with a bit of water. Ask your vet before trying a new recipe, and make sure treats make up to no more than 10% of your dog’s daily food.

Another great idea is to add low sodium or salt-free chicken, beef or vegetable broth in ice cube trays and freeze. This makes a great treat that your pup can chase around on those hot summer days. Try to even put some of these tasty frozen treats in water or dry food to encourage your dog to drink more!

Some mashed fruits like bananas mixed with some yogurt can become some awesome frozen treats! Just spoon a small amount into an ice cube tray and then freeze. For more fun, place the banana cube inside a treat holder toy and watch them scurry around to try to get a hold of that delicious sweet treat! We guarantee they will be wagging their tails the entire time!  For more serious chewers, try to put the treat holder with the treat in the freezer overnight. This way it will take more time for them to achieve their goal of getting that yummy treat inside! Try to experiment with mixtures of the following ingredients:

o    Yogurt

o    Bananas

o    Canned pumpkin

o    Canned dog food

o    Ground beef or other ground meat

o    Shredded chicken or turkey

o    Diced carrots or apples

o    Mini dog treats

o    Dog kibble

Don’t feel like mixing up treats? Try grabbing some baby food next time your grocery shopping. Be sure to choose formulas that contain no toxic food ingredients. Freeze the cans overnight and serve. Always make sure to supervise your dog when they are eating these cool treats to make sure they don’t eat the container.

This summer’s dog days will be filled with some awesome sweet treats and happy doggies! For more information on what types of food to use while making these treats or for more information on treat holders feel free to reach out to us at The Barking Lot. We have a great staff that will answer any questions you may have! We look forward to hearing from you!


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