Backyard Ideas for Your Dog

Backyard oasis for your dog.

We all know your pup loves being outside and hanging out in your backyard, but do you have everything they might want? Just think- if you were a dog, what would you want in your yard? What would make your yard the ultimate hangout for your dog? We here at the Barking Lot Deerfield have some ideas for you!


Leading the way is making your pup their own outdoor house. While dogs might have upgraded from sleeping outside – to in beds, dog houses are making a comeback with a twist! You can make an outdoor oasis for your pup with a standard house, igloo, and even more fun designs to help them cool off.


What’s an oasis without a puppy pool party! Making a splash pad for your dog or letting them swim in a pool is a great way to have them burn some energy all while keeping cool in the summer heat. Make sure the puppy pool is deep enough for them to lay down in to cool off. You can find blow-up pools or plastic ones at many locations today for a great price and it will go a long way in keeping your dogs happy.


Another great idea for your backyard and pool is floating dog toys! You can find these pretty much anywhere and they are a great way to entertain your furry friend in the summer. Make your pool the place to be for all the neighborhood dogs! If your dog is not a fan of the pool, try a sprinkler so they can still get wet and have a blast! Another way to help them stay cool and beat the heat this summer is by keeping them near water and shade. Your dog will love a tent or umbrella to lay under – you can enjoy it too! Bring a drink and some pet-friendly snacks and enjoy a picnic with your furry friend.


Make National Dog Day every day by giving your pup a fun backyard to play in this summer. When they are tired from doing all that swimming or just want to take a nap in the shade, a raised cot is the perfect lawn chair for your dog. Decorate it with custom blankets, colors, and material to ensure it fits your dog’s personality!


Follow these tips to give your pup the perfect backyard oasis. Don’t have a backyard to transform? No worries! Head over to The Barking Lot and try out our doggy daycare or dog boarding. We have plenty of fun activities and toys for your pup to enjoy! Are you looking for a “dog trainer near me” or “dog boarding near me”? Visit us at the Barking Lot in Deerfield today! Come in with your pup this summer and see what our dog grooming and other services have to offer.


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