The Ultimate Guide: How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

How often to bathe your dog.

After weeks of playing outdoors and tracking in mud, you might be ready to give your dog a much-needed bath. Do you ever find yourself wondering when your pup’s last grooming was? While our dogs don’t need to take a bath as often as us human do, your dog still needs to maintain proper grooming to keep them looking and feeling their best. We here at the Barking Lot Deerfield know just how important it is to protect your dog’s overall health. That is why we have created the ultimate guide to know how often you should be bathing your dog. Check it out down below!


The answer for how many baths your dog needs really depends on multiple factors but especially their breed and the type of coat they have. Usually, a healthy and short-haired dog requires fewer baths than a dog with thick and long fur. A dog with longer fur may get dirtier quicker or can get tangled easily. Base your dog’s baths and grooming on how clean and maintained their coat is. If after a month your pup’s fur is getting greasy or matted again, a quick bath won’t hurt!


Long breaded dogs like Collie’s or Golden Doodles can go as long as 4-6 weeks between baths and still be well-maintained in between. Thick or double coats on some breeds like Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers insulate the dog based on what season. In the summer, most of their coat sheds off and over bathing them will do more harm than good for them. You can also use pet-friendly sprays in between baths, or just run a brush through their fur. They will stay clean and love the attention too!


Health plays a huge role in how many baths your dog might need. Certain skin allergies or other conditions might require them to have more or less baths to make it better. If you have any concerns or more in-depth questions, your vet can suggest a particular shampoo for your pet. You or your child’s health is also a factor. If someone experiences allergies, bathing and grooming your dog more may help relieve allergy symptoms.


The dog’s activity level also guides you to the number of baths you’ll want to give your dog. When a dog is highly active-especially in the summer with swimming, being in nature, and mud, you’ll need to bathe them more often than a dog who does not spend a lot of time outside. Washing them often also helps prevent ticks and fleas from sticking on their fur.


Still not sure how often your pup should be groomed? Give us or your local vet a call! We can help recommend what’s best for your dog and a good schedule to stick to. We hope this guide helps you decide how often you should be giving your dog a bath this summer! Treat every day like National Dog Day and bring your dog to our dog daycare or dog grooming. Are you looking for dog services? Just search “dog boarding near me” or “dog training near me” today and see how we can help!


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