Helpful Tips for Your Dog During Back to School Season

Back to School

With Summer coming to an end, back to school season is right around the corner. While we spend a lot of time preparing for back to school, it also affects our pets. Giving attention and playtime is harder to do when school is approaching. The change in schedules can impact your dog and cause behavioral problems that you might not be aware of.


We here at the Barking Lot Deerfield, know just how “ruff” it can be to adjust schedules. That is why we have put together a list of ways you can help your dog adjust to the back to school season. Check it out here!


If you crate train your pup, start putting them in their crate a few weeks before the kids go back to school for short periods of time to get them used to being back in the crate while you’re away. This will help your pet understand the change in schedule and will help them to willingly go back in the crate after a long Summer off.


It is also a good idea to help keep your dog, especially a puppy, busy at all times possible. Giving them toys, chew sticks, rubber toys, and/or bones will help occupy their time when they are alone.  This will help you avoid coming home to any chewed belongings.


Once the kid’s routines are normal and have been adjusted, it is important to keep your pet’s routine the same. The first week of school, for example, is not the best time to change your dog’s food or eating schedule up because they are already thrown off. Start slowly by adjusting them to whatever long term schedule you want them on.


Don’t want your pet to be alone all day for hours while the kids are in school and you are at work? Make it feel like national dog day every day and enroll your pup in dog daycare today! Even if it is once a week your dog will stay busy and happy while you are away. The time with other puppy friends with help your pet socialize. They will love the attention!


Taking a dog class with your pup is also a great way to brush up on obedience and training to ensure that they will adjust to back to school well. And the time spent together will allow both of you to bond and have fun!


The last but certainly not least tip is to give your dog(s) lots of love! Give your dog the most attention you can every day and make sure they know just how much you and your family care for them. Giving more walks and playtime will help make the transition back to school much easier.


Before the summer ends, are you looking for “dog boarding near me” or “dog training near me” to prep for back to school? Stop in and visit us at the Barking Lot in Deerfield, IL today and get your pup looking their best with our dog grooming services!


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