Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day 8/26

National Dog Day - The Barking Lot

For a pet lover, National Dog Day is one of the greatest holidays. What better way to spend an entire day than by celebrating your favorite dog! At the Barking Lot Deerfield, we know just how important it is for your dog to have the best fun-filled day. Check out the list we’ve put together to make sure your dog has some fun!


So when is the big day? National dog day this year is Monday, August 26th! Start the end to your weekend celebrating your awesome dog(s) filled with all the things they love. This holiday first started in 2004, but we think it should have started a long time ago.


With an endless amount of ways to celebrate this day, you can start by taking your pet for a morning walk. They will be so happy to get out and enjoy the morning sun! If you want to take it a step further, you can take them on a hike giving them plenty of time to explore around. The exercise will be great for them and they will love the bonding time!


Does your furry best friend have other furry friends? Bring them over for a day filled with play and fun. You can even decorate your backyard with all the things they love!


What better way to celebrate than to make a dog-friendly treat? There are tons of recipes online that you could use to make a cake for your pet. It’s always fun to make something homemade that you know your dog is going to go nuts over. Not a fan of baking? No problem- just pick up a treat at your local dog store. You can also try some homemade frozen treats that your pet will love in the warm weather.


Spoil them with cuddles and belly rubs! Take some extra time than usual to pet your pup this National Dog Day and make sure they know just how much you love them. No matter what you decide to do this National Dog Day, we are sure they will be happy to spend the entire day with you.


Don’t forget to take lots of pictures on August 26th of you and your dog! You can turn them into pillows, blankets, and other gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. We look forward to hearing what you and your pup did!


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