Why Does Your Dog Howl?

dog howling

Ever wonder why your dog howls? For a dog, a howl is a form of communicating and is a natural verbal expression. Although it is a common thing in dogs, people are still wondering- why is my dog howling? Find out some of our dog tips and reasons below!

In the most simple answer, your dog is howling at you to communicate something. While it might not make too much sense, it is almost as if they are really trying to get your attention for something they want. In order to curb excessive howling, you first have to know why they are doing it at all.

Many Types of Howling

Not every howl is the same, especially a full-on big bark. Just like a baby cry, each howl could mean a different need they are trying to express to you. Each howl can be identified by different traits below.

The Howl:

A howl is a sustained noise. When your dog stops doing a single bark and starts howling in a low voice for a longer period of time, that is known as the howl. These are typically identified based on the low voice and length of the noise.

The Bark:

Not your typical dog shout here, we are talking about a much shorter and lower noise than a howl. Instead of being one loud noise like the howl above, the bark is often repeated over and over again until your pup gets what they want.

The Bay:

The bay is a very unique type of howl that every dog might not use. To some breeds, it is a signal that they have found something. This is usually a very deep noise and will continue for quite some time. It can be heard like a low growl noise.

What the Howling Says

Knowing what howl is happening will make it easier when you are trying to figure out what your dog is saying. When they are injured, for example, the noise your dog is making is a cry for you to help them. When hurt, a dog might howl in a high-pitched way to you.

Scared and anxious dogs will end up howling in fear more often than necessary so it will be easier to identify when they are nervous. Your pup might be howling at you for attention. This is them trying to tell you where they are and that they want your belly rubs. It isn’t always best to give into a howl, however, identifying the howl could be beneficial if something is affecting your dog negatively. For help with your dog, you can always reach out to The Barking Lot for dog training!

We hope this helps you understand why your dog is howling and how you can help give them what they want. At the Barking Lot Deerfield, we want all dogs to be given what they need! Visit our website to learn more about the range of services we provide for your furry friend like dog grooming. Find us online by searching “dog boarding near me” or “dog training near me” today!


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