What Your Dog’s Sleep Habits Could Mean

Dog Sleeping

When your pup is really young, it might feel like all they are doing is sleeping. When they grow up, if they are not eating or playing, odds are they are sleeping. Studies found that dogs sleep on average 12-14 hours a day. Find out what your dog’s sleep habits mean from us here at the Barking Lot Deerfield.


Leading the way is the idea of tunneling. Many dogs love to get themselves under their favorite blanket or comforter when they are sleeping. For some pet parents, they might be concerned about the thick blanket making the dog too hot. Don’t worry- if they’re too hot they’ll move. Most often this means your dog wants warmth or comfort.


Spinning/twirling is another cute dog behavior to watch. The little spin around your dog does before they lay down is not only adorable, but it also means that your dog is a pack animal and they did it to mark their territory before their brothers and sisters used to join. It also means they are making sure it is safe before they can lay down.


Bed hogging. For those dog lovers who share a bed with their pup- we all know the feeling. You might have a king-sized bed but feel like you are sleeping on a twin thanks to your furry friend being all sprawled out. This just means they feel safe and are relaxed cuddling next to you.


Noises and movements happening while your dog sleeps are totally normal. The most common is the twitch of the paws, or front paws moving as if they are running. So what does it mean? Just like humans, when your dog enters a deep sleep pattern they experience dreams. You will hear their breathing become irregular and see paws move when your dog is having a dream.


It is an important dog tip for your pup to get a good night’s sleep or nap during the day. Understanding what they are doing when sleeping helps to make sure your dog is comfortable. Next time you are witnessing your dog’s sleeping habits you can better understand what is going on.


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