The Importance of Heartworm Prevention for Your Dog

Heartworm administration for a dog.

Heartworm prevention for your dog is more important than you might think. Keeping your dog free of heartworm is an important job and you should stay up to date on tests to ensure they are okay. We here at the Barking Lot Deerfield are here to share just how important it is.


Heartworm prevention is an important part of providing essential care to your pup, and heartworm disease prevention for dogs is something every owner can do. Heartworms are spread by mosquitos. This makes it very easy for your dog to get heartworm if they come in contact with a mosquito. Your dog acts as the host for heartworms. The rate that heartworms live is very complex.


In the earliest life stages of heartworms, they produce microfilariae that circulate in the dog’s blood. Prevention medication kills only these early-stage larvae and microfilariae. That is why it is crucial to administer medication every month. They mature after six months and can live in the dog’s body for seven years, each reaching a length of up to one foot, and constantly producing offspring. After about a year, a dog may harbor hundreds of these worms, although 15 is the average burden. The worms cause inflammation and damage the heart, arteries, and lungs.


So how do you prevent this terrifying disease? You can break the life cycle of heartworms and stay up to date on your pet’s medication and vaccinations. Medication is needed once a month because it takes longer than a month for the larvae to develop to a stage where it can reach body tissue. It is strongly recommended that you give your dog heartworm prevention all year round because of unpredictable seasonal temperature changes. Some heartworm preventatives also have medications inside that remove fleas, mites, ticks, and other worm types. Pro dog tips: ask your vet for help in which medication to use for your dog.


This is an important part of your dog’s health so it is important that you do not risk their health by skipping a month. Have more questions? Give us a call at The Barking Lot for tips on how to care for your pet. You can also check out our “Dog training near me” today at our Deerfield location and let us help you! Is your dog in need of grooming? Stop in and see our expert dog groomers. Going out of town? Let us take care of your furry friend for the weekend. Just search “dog boarding near me” today!


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