Must-Have Puppy Products

The Must-Have Puppy Products

Shopping for your pup can be so much fun! But do you ever find yourself wondering which products to buy? Your dog may love any toy, but other things like leashes might take some more thought. We here at The Barking Lot are here to help! Check out these must-have products listed below!


Collars and Leashes

Your dog will need a leash from the day you bring them home. No matter the color, pattern or style, they all serve a similar purpose; to keep your beloved pup close and safe. For your puppy’s first few collars, you want to go with a standard two-piece buckle and leash. The shorter the leash for a puppy the better when it comes to dog walking and training. 

Once your dog starts to get bigger, you might want to invest in a harness for your dog. Not only is it better on their necks, but it also allows you to have more control over your dog- especially if they are very strong. Our pet supplies are on sale right now! Save 20% off all sensible harnesses (all sizes) at the Barking Lot Deerfield.


Crates, Containers & Beds

You will quickly learn that your new pup loves to take out every single toy and scatter them around the house. Investing in some crates and/or containers are a great way to keep your pup’s belongings organized. To contain your puppy from getting into spaces they shouldn’t be, we suggest getting baby gates or crates to block off entries.

Other crates are also a good idea for when you want your dog to learn to sleep in a closed-off area and not roam the house. When picking a crate, make sure your dog has enough room to be comfortable and has enough room to stretch. The same rules apply for when you are picking out a dog bed for them to lounge around in.


Food and Water Bowls

Your dog will need food and water bowls when they come home and there are tons of designs and options out on the market today. Least expensive options are plastic, but if you do not want to constantly clean them, we suggest ceramic or stainless steel. Make sure you are buying the right height holders depending on your dog’s breed and size.

Making sure your dog has a variety of toys is a good idea especially for outside, inside, and when your puppy is teething. Dog clothing or shoes are recommended if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Don’t miss out on our sale- save 20% off on Pawz Booties. These are great to help your pup protect their paws with the cold winter weather approaching. Just stop into The Barking Lot today to pick up a pair for your pup!


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