5 Tips on How to Keep Your Dog Calm This Halloween

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Dog Calm This Halloween

While Halloween can be a good time for humans, it can be a frightening night for your dog. In order to keep your dog happy and calm this Halloween, check out our tips below from us at the Barking Lot Deerfield.


Move Your Candy Out of Your Dog’s Reach

We all know the obvious- chocolate is a no go for pets, but around Halloween, it appears to be all over. Chocolate is not the only candy you need to be conscious of, xylitol, usually found in sweeter, and sugar-free candy is also proven to cause liver damage in dogs. To avoid your pup being sick, make sure all candy is away and out of reach for your pet.


Find a Quiet Spot for Your Pup to Hide

When Halloween hits, your doorbell is going to be constantly ringing and motion happening outside of the window. Try to distract your dog during trick or treating hours by finding a quiet room in the house. Fill it with their favorite toys, bones, etc. to distract them from the doorbell.


Keep Your Dog Inside

Dogs love dog walking and being outside, but when it’s Halloween we suggest you hold off on walking your dog. When there are so many unfamiliar faces that your dog will be exposed to, they are more vulnerable and are likely to be scared and overwhelmed. It is best to avoid your dog seeing “mysterious intruders” and keep them inside until the hours for trick or treating has ended.


Don’t Force Your Pet In a Costume

There is nothing like seeing a dog in a costume, even better, your dog in a costume. Some dogs do not like wearing costumes, so if your dog is not willing and happy to wear a costume, do not force it upon them. If they are okay with wearing a costume, make sure their vision and hearing are not covered.


Ditch Your Excessive Decorations

When you prepare for the holiday, you might not think about the decorations in your home being a safety threat to your pets. Beware of dangerous decorations that might harm your dog like jack-o-lanterns that are lit. For additional safety, make sure all cords are put away to avoid them getting caught up in a tangled mess.


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